Junie Browning On TUFF-N-UFF, Alcohol, UFC, Shawn Thompkins and Girls

Junie Browning talks with Dave Farra at TUFF-N-UFF in Las Vegas.


  1. oh boy

  2. He's handling it well and relaxed because he's drunk.

  3. junie with some dousche baggery in this interview.

  4. dane drebin says:

    if he was drunk he'd be calling out dana white and trying to fight everyone lol he's a loser but he has the skills to do well outside the ufc

  5. true. i think junies drunk level goes from wanting women to wanting to fight. i think he's going to do well outside of the ufc too. he's got some talent.

  6. Give the guy a break its easy to talk shit behind a keyboard

  7. Junie should focus on cleaning up first then fighting he is a really good fighter just has some issues.

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