Josh Koscheck Suffers Broken Orbital Bone At UFC 124

Spirit was not the only thing Josh Koscheck broke at UFC 124. According to his trainer Bob Cook, Kos suffered a broken orbital bone,

“We’re going to have a much better sense of the injury when we get to the States,” Cook said. “We’ll get it checked down there. Hopefully he can have the surgery there and head home as soon as possible.” [ESPN]

Kos also twitted this afternoon,

In Boston 2have my Broken orbital bone fixed. Then home 2 recover & spend some x with family. I want to say thx’s 4 all the love last night!

all fixed


  1. The Dr. should have stopped the fight! I really hope jk doesn't have any permanent damage…damn.

  2. got what he deserved…dont run your mouth and ill have sympathy' it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy

  3. I'm with wanker, karma. every card theres some guy running his mouth that gets the shit knocked out him, you'd think they would learn after a while

  4. the gibinator says:

    koscheck didnt bring anything to the table saturday night. gsp showed he will stand with an opponent if necessary. josh has gotta be pretty embarassed after that performance. gsp served him a shit sandwich and koscheck gladly ate it!!!!

  5. Kos was actually very gracious in defeat and said some classy things after running his mouth the way he did.

  6. @ poppynick, What else could koscheck say after getting wooped ?? Lol. Not like he could talk more sh#%

  7. kos = crap says:

    gauranteed if kos had won he woulda talked so much trash about the french canada and gsp…after he lost all he could do was back peddle and apologize…sure he said some nice things but after you get your ass handed to ya..respect probably isnt that far away

  8. He could have said a lot. Could have made excuses for getting worked. Didn't stop BJ from making excuses after GSP stomped him. It was just surprising to see Kos show some class.

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