Josh Koscheck Forced To Pull Out Of UFC 98 Fight With Chris Wilson


Top welterweight Josh Koscheck has been forced to pull out of his UFC 98 fight with Chris Wilson, due to a foot injury.

“Koscheck suffered a foot injury. They are looking for a replacement.” [Wrestling Observer]

A tough setback for Josh Koscheck (12-4), who was looking to get back on track after losing two of his last three fights in the UFC. Most recently, Koscheck suffered a first round TKO loss to UFC newcomer Paulo Thiago at UFC 95 “Sanchez vs. Stevenson”.

Several sources are reporting it is his “Toe” that is broken.


  1. oh god, they need to find a replacement foot for Koscheck.

  2. Cobra Clutch says:

    This is why fighters shouldn't train between fights. They should just go from fight to fight with no training, so they won't get hurt.

    (i'm kidding)

  3. I can see that working Cobra. Or they could do what you do in football which is lay up right before they fight. The week before a fight you're not going to gain a whole lot by doing full contact sparring sessions.

  4. o no not my toe. how will i fight. pussy. c'mon ur the one of the top welter weights. dick

  5. dane drebin says:

    tyler ur a fag for bashing a fighter thats pulling out of a fight for an injury. Its pretty obvious kos fights anyone at anytime especially when he took that beating from alves and then faught a few weeks later. ur prolly sittin in front of ur computer chokin down some cookies right now. kos has more heart and talent in his left nut than you do in your entire body.

  6. Toe injuries hurt a lot. you're on your feet all of the time and the nagging pain that goes with it sometimes unbearable. This is why 300 lbs linemen in the NFL usually don't play if a foot injury occurs. It is as a legit injury as any other.

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