Josh Haynes and Gideon Ray Talk About There Experience on The Ultimate Fighter Realty Show

A chiseled Josh Haynes talks about tonight’s “A Night Of Combat 2″ as well as a little drama on The Ultimate Fighter Reality show.


  1. I agree with them about the alcohol. It is only there so they get drunk and dramatic and they know it. Most fighters don't drink that much. Most of them don't even drink at all when a fight is close. That makes fighters look bad

  2. He called Junie a dousche bag kid lol. Good int. I'm glad espn is doing more interviews w MMA. I agree that TUF3 was the last time I relly liked TUF until maybe this season. Almost all of the TUF guys seem good this season and not on there just for comedy. Except Junie he tries to show up for the cameras.

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Yeah, TUF 1, 2 an 3 were exciting to watch. 4 sucked, 5 was okay cause of that backyard fight and 6 was boring along with 7 but I liked Rampage and Forrest on that one. 8 looks like it might comeback strong.

  4. the difference this season is there are no chumps who got on just to shake things up or for comic relief. these are legit fighters and so far every fight has been pretty good. with the exception of junie i think hayes would like this season.

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