Josh Barnett Responds To Steroid Allegations

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Josh Barnett releases statement via his MySpace:

Many of you are wondering what’s happening. What I can say is that when applying for my license, the CSAC asked for me to submit a urine sample for testing prior to granting my license as they do with everyone, I believe. It was not a random test. I had no reason to believe there would be any issues and went in to submit my sample at the earliest possible opportunity on June 25th. I never once thought there would be a problem.

My representatives and I are working to gather as much info as possible and handle this situation as best as we can. I am embarrassed and want for nothing more than to resolve this issue and receive a license from the State of California as I have done many times already and for other states as well.
I am very thankful for all the great family, friends and fans that still support me.

Barnett will have a hard time convincing the CSAC of his innocence. This is the second time Barnett tested positive for steroids. After winning the UFC heavyweight title from Randy Couture at UFC 36, Barnett was stripped of the belt after testing positive for three banned substances.


  1. anyone else notice that Barnett never once DENIED using the roids or stated that the test was incorrect?!…he just said he had no reason to believe there would be issues….read"i thought my masking agents would work better than that"…F@&ing Shmuck!

  2. or I thought I had them cycled out of my system by then.

  3. or his nutritionist fucked up?

    everyone forgets that most fighters doesn't have a clue what goes into there food and drinks.

    but we'll see how this plays out. looks bad for Josh, but who knows… i don't think Fedor would give a shit (he fought in Pride knowing that most of the Americans he fought used Roids)

  4. EX-ACT-LY!!!! He may single handedly have knocked someone out….Atencio and affliction… In a round about way, he may have taken out Fedor…..if affliction goes down, the only big $$$ is gonna be UFC. He fights Brock there, Brock gets one of those shots to his dome…Fedor goes down.. because let's face it he hasn't faced anyone with Brock's striking power…..Way to go Josh!..Douche!

  5. EXCLUSIVE: UFC 105 – Michael Bisping set to take on Wanderlei Silva

    I see Silva getting the win by a knock out because he wont be scared of micheals punching power..its going to be a good fight

  6. Niiiice hijack tom. I'll bite. silva vs Bisping gonna go similar to silva vs jardine. Probably not even that good for Bisping/ "glass joe" if he pisses off Wandi like he did hendo.

  7. Cobra Clutch says:

    Barnett = Douchebag.

  8. MIKES A FAG says:


  9. Masterone is a very weak steroid. It is more often used to counteract estrogen side effects caused by much stronger steroids.

  10. other derek says:

    why do you say Americans like your taking a shot at the U.S?


  11. if your name is mike, you are dumb

  12. Is Masterone what Barnett tested positive for???

  13. HA HA This whole conversation basically sums up Mike on this page. Mike says something extremely stupid and everyone wants him to just stop commenting on this page.

  14. A lot of hate to Mike here…

  15. to much hate around here lately, yeah it was masterone that he tested for.

  16. I wonder when they'll officially name a replacement for Barnett???

  17. does it matter at this point?! really?..I mean the ppv sales were already a big question mark and now what?! a red hot last minute big name sub?…from where? without striking a blow…Barnett has taken down Attencio and affliction both. R.I.P.

  18. I'm wondering if anyone will fight Fedor at Trilogy???And i agree with you Affliction is dying out…

  19. Sad to see really, it wasn't for lack of trying. Or even not paying their fighters. Probably due to the contrary. Start early, before you've cemented yourself and try to land the Big fish by paying them all the $$$$…it left nothing in the reserves for plan A part 2 or even a plan B part anything.On the positive side….? Brock vs Fedor within the next year and a half? stronger likeliness now!

  20. The worst thing about it is he's screwed over affliction worse than anything else. Ufc had thrown him away, didn't want him and now he has an opportunity to fight for the 2nd largest org's hw title and against Fedor Emelianenko no less! This is how he repays that favor?! The next match we'll see Barnett in will probably read like "Barnett vs…The people of the state of(insert name here)….your Honor"

  21. sorry 'bout your luck, man. still room on the Brock bandwagon… :) hahahahah! or do like I do and try to find someone to really direct your anger and hatred at. That could be Brock, too. hahahahha. Who does affliction have that would even make it a match? What about Rogers?…better than Arlovski at least

  22. Remember, it's not Barnett's first time testing positive for roids. He tested positive after he won the UFC belt and then left the organization to fight in Pride. I don't really keep up with the guy but from his last performance, I didn't see the #2 HW in the world. Always feel bad for the guy on the other end though, they should just reschedule it. I think Brett Rogers would be the most dangerous opponent for him though and also give Fedor the most cred. If he beats Belfort, I mean the guy is a MW now. Everyone will say that he beat up a better Matt Lindland. Monsoon has been off the radar since his fight with Sylvia, and Werdum hasn't fought since his KO by Dos Santos. At least Rogers is coming off an incredible KO win against the last guy Fedor Ko'ed.

    Anyway they should just re-schedule the event

  23. tom still hijacking threads like a douche I see.

    And Jesus, if you are, at least do it with real news.

    Not hear say rumors.

  24. Fedor used drugs in Pride? prove please?

    Americans that used drugs in Pride.



    these are the only 2 that i know in the whole of pride that used roids…. yes i know "Americans" was a generalisation, but they both are Americans.

    Viper. its funny how new several new people posted hate comments.

  25. richaaron says:

    I really find it hard to believe that he tested positive for steroids. And for the 2nd time! WTF! When I look at him, the last thing I think is “roids”… Whata friggin’ shame. I was really looking forward to that fight.

  26. yeah, plus i was a fan of his and had been waiting for this fight for years. i will never defend him again very disappointing i even gave him a good chance at winning it.

  27. nobody will be a decent match in 9 days, rogers is at least a true hw but i think belfort would actually give him a better fight, lashley would be to easy but might be good for ppv#’s i heard monson and even don frye have offered to fight him, not to interested in seeing that though. the card is still good even though this is a huge blow to it and really a lose lose whoever they put him in there with right now.

  28. I agree, win, lose or draw it just lost all the shine they coulld muster for this event. As far as Bobby Lashley, I don’t think lashley himself would have him winning a fight with fedor right now. He’s been pretty savvy with crafting his record and experience at the moment. He really will need to hone his bjj if he’s gonna ever contend, though.

  29. Fedor used drugs in Pride too so what does he care. Barnett cant beat Fedor anyway. Im hoping in some way Barnett gets to fight Fedor. That would be bad ass.

  30. Hilarious man

  31. He fights Randy in his prime, uses roids. Fights Fedor, uses roids. I've never really been a barnett fan, but, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like he does this before a difficult fight. I'm sure he has had many more difficilt fights in between, but seriously. I did want to watch this fight though and I'm sure all of you are right, this is going to really hurt their PPV sales, especially if they don't find a halfway decent replacement to fight Fedor.

  32. AFFLICTION CANCELLED! breaking news. wow that was such a HUGE disappointment. all because josh barnett used steroids. my source is sherdog. main page.

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