Jorge Gurgel Released By The UFC, Signs With Strikeforce

According to Jorge Grugel’s manager, Gurgel has been released by the UFC after his loss to Aaron Riley at UFC 91. Within minutes of his release, Gurgel signed a multi-fight contract with the San Jose based MMA promotion Strikeforce.

“I am very very excited to part of Strikeforce and given a chance to fight new blood and capture a belt. UFC has been my family for a few years now but I am ready for the next chapter. There are some amazing contenders in my weight class including Josh Thomson and Gilbert Melendez. I will do whatever it takes to climb to the top of this league.”


  1. this should be great for him..maybe rich will join strike force???

  2. this s

  3. Who cares, he sucks.

  4. Businessman says:

    Hopefully he takes Rich with him…for rich's sake before Dan whops his ass!

  5. Maybe now he can actually finish his fights

  6. SnowCrash7 says:

    Pretty sad when the blog can't even get the fighter's name right. It's Gurgel. As everyone knows Gurgel, a black belt in BJJ, stubbornly refuses to utilize his BJJ ability in his fights. He went to train with Muay Thai trainer Dellagrotte in Boston and believes that his fans want to see stand up.

    I'm a fan and I could not disagree more. Jorge your fans want to see you WIN! Use ALL your abilities.

  7. Nerd. Nobody here cares about the spelling of his name. His game plans suck thats why he loses nomatter how talented he may be.

  8. I don't really get why he doesn't take it to the ground more either. But you're right Corey he puts together bad gameplans. Who can blame him though when most fans want a standup war and if you make the fans happy you get to come back. But I wish Gurgel would take fights to the gound more. I like watching BJJ just as much as I do a good stand up war.

  9. he should have been thrown out a long time ago.

  10. ditto roy..gargle there sucks much a$$…he's the kind of fighter they always put on the undercard talking about how eFF'n SKILLED he is, then flops when it counts most…ppv $$ not well spent!..good riddance…anytime a fighter goes from ufc TO an elite or strikeforce or ,RIP, ifl type league, you can bet the end of the road is near and some bingo casino in the middle of nowhere is salivating for this guy's next fight

  11. Ok haters…Jorge is a very skilled fighter and a great name for Strikeforce. I wish him much success. Strikeforce is the perfect place for him. He isn't a top 5 fighter in the UFC, but he has a chance to be a top contender in Strikeforce. I hope he can fight in DREAM or Affliction also.

  12. on offense gonzo but he is not a top 20 fighter in the ufc, maybe he will make top five in strikeforce if there is 5 guys in his weight class i don't think he is good enough for affliction or dream.

  13. Gargle doesn't even inspire enough out of me to hate him…but you're right in that by saying he isn't top 5 in ufc…not that they didn't give him a chance… Hope?who can he feed on in affliction or dream? My gramma had a saying about HOPE….it had something to do with hoping in one hand and doin something else in the other to see which one filled up quicker….stay in strikeforce…get better…USE YOUR G-D JIU-JITSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then come back…he could be top 5 if he put more heart into it. But he has to WANT to change…..

  14. Hey corey is it really necessary to be a keyboard warrior and attack someone for pointing out irony or did that go over your head?

    SnowCrash7 knows what the hell he/she is talking about.

    Watching him fight is frustrating as hell because he doesn't use all of his tools, I don't think it has anything to do with game plan and has everything to do with ego and pleasing the fans.

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