Jon Jones to defend UFC belt against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Newly crowned UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones:

“I’ll be fighting Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson next … I’m not allowed to discuss the date because I didn’t sign a contract, but yeah, it will be very soon.” JunkieRadio

Jones and Rampage will likely face off in September at UFC 135 in Denver Colorado.


  1. Muay Thai says:

    If judges would have given the decision to Machida in their fight then it would have been Machida's title shot.

  2. No shit sherlock!!!

  3. mma maniac says:

    page is dead. Page doesnt have the BJJ to defend himself agianst jones on the ground. And he gets tired and lazy

  4. rampage better try to get in close because he go picked apart by Forrest with leg kicks from the outside. and forrest doesn't have close to the reach that jon jones has.

  5. Monster says:

    Jones is to big, athletic, and quick for Rampage. Jones by KO.

  6. Yeah, Not too stoked for this… Jones is gonna be a bad match up for Rampage… he's to long and fast! I woulda' prefered to see machida with the title shot

  7. I agree with the Machida matchup. Between Ramp, Rashad, and Machida I would definitely choose Machida. He's a counter puncher like Rashad but he has more unorthodox striking capabilities and he hasn't trained with Jones.

  8. WHODINI says:

    jones is gonna wear ramp out .. i think hes almost ready to be put out to pasture

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