Jon Jones Mugshot Much Better Then Arianny’s

Jon Jones was in a drunken head-on collision with a pole. Still, the UFC champions mugshot has nothing on Arianny’s scary boyfriend beating mug. added more details gained form the police report on the incident.

Michelle L. Vojtisek and Cara Johnson, both 25, sustained cuts, bruises and swelling from the collision and were transported to Wilson Hospital for treatment, according to the report. Both air bags had been deployed during the crash.

Johnson, who was in the front passenger seat, attended Union-Endicott High with Jones, according to online records.



  1. ron shaw says:

    He had two girls in the car too. So much for being the good married guy he put out to the public.

  2. Ron Pauly says:

    Oh and both not his wife

  3. Two women at once? How nice it must be to be famous.

  4. TheCaptain says:

    The girl in the backseat received a new car, medicals bills payed for and cash to keep quiet about the girl in the passenger seat staying with Jon Jones at his hotel room.

  5. technix says:

    You don't know that for sure though. Have you seen that girl? I bet he had some 'splaning to do with his wife but I'm not going to try and say he was cheating with her.

  6. G.B.Hamerick says:

    I bet his wife knew he was taking those girls about town and she approved. After all one girl was his classmate in the same school. Could all just be an innocent situation that tends to look bad in the eyes of the fans.

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