Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Trade Verbal Jabs on SportsNite; Who’s the Greatest? [Video]

This sounds more like a bitter divorce than two fighters speaking about their next fight, but UFC light heavyweight champ Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans have a back and forth verbal battle on CSS’s SportsNite. The war of words is good but the fight will be better. These two will meet in the cage at UFC 145 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga., on April 21, 2012.

and Rashad Evans Trade Verbal Jabs on SportsNite; Who's the Greatest? [Video]" data-via="" >
Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Trade Verbal Jabs on SportsNite; Who's the Greatest? [Video]" data-url="" data-via="">


  1. I used to like rashad. Now he just sound really petty.

  2. RealFighterFan says:

    I love Rashad and Jon Jones is finally showing his real colors. There's a fine line between confidence and condescending arrogance, yet Jones hasn't realized that yet. Jones is fake.

    • Rashad is just playing psychological game. Jones must be confident and bold in himself. Rashad is using an intimidation tactics.

  3. I can't wait for this fight

  4. Rashad sound a bit jealous and is a bit of a hater. Who is he to tell someone they are fake or too arrogant. Dude grabs his nuts in the ring after someone belts him, tried talking chit to Machida as Machida was sending his head into the first row. Rashad is a puke and Jon Jones is going to smash him.

    • Every fighter has something that gets them relaxed and on rhythm. Could be subtle and could be kind of wacky. But I think Rashad does all of those cage antics to get himself in rhythm. I don't think he is trying to clown his opponents. When you fight you're thinking something like "he's nothing" or "I'm going to hurt him" or whatever it is to get your confidence up. Well Rashad's body reacts to what he's thinking.

      That said, he's changed over the years and now he does sound like a bitter dude. If you're going to call someone fake and you have proof. Then say it, don't just say. "You know I know Jon". This does sound like a bitter divorce and it's not even entertaining. They need to get in the cage already this fight is long overdue.

    • You are damned right PoppyNick. Rashad is trying to intimidate the young champion with unnecessary and derogatory comments. Jones stay strong and finish Rashad too.

  5. Rashad is going to get his ass handed to him.

  6. yeah sugar rashad is going to get refined …been waiting on this one but he has supprised us in the past dam it

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