John Hackleman Sets Dana White Straight On Chuck Liddells Retirement is pleased to announce the first ever CageToday Radio Podcast “Around The Cage” with Brian Benchimol and James McKenna. In the debut episode the guys interview Chuck Liddells trainer John Hackleman and UFC light heavyweight fighter Wilson Gouveia. Listen and subscribe to the show at

Legendary Pit trainer John Hackleman has some choice words to say about Dana White regarding Chuck Liddell’s retirement decision. Hackleman goes as far as comparing White to mental patients he used to work with.


  1. hell yeah i'm glad hack is getting out there and defending himself because we all know how much dana likes to talk. when dana believes he's right he is a master of spinning the story.

  2. i agree kom, dana is the master spinner.

  3. ahhh….dana is dana, and hack has talked since about sorting everything out for chucks sake.

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