Joe Warren KO’s Joe Soto To Win Bellator Belt – Video

Warren and Soto faced off in Bellator Fighting Championships’ first World Championship defense fight at Bellator 27 which took place tonight in San Antonio, TX from the Majestic Theatre. After Soto picked Warren apart on the feet in round 1 of the fight, Warren opened round 2 with a huge right hand, sending the former champ reeling to the canvas. After Soto scrambled back to his feet, Warren landed a devastating knee to the chin that finished the fight, becoming the new Bellator World Featherweight Champion.


  1. The first right hand that knocked soto to the ground looked like it missed completely. That knee was for real though.

  2. Yeah I thought the same thing on that first right hand. It's funny to see someone so cocky get knocked out. He doesn't even have an excuse for that, but he will say it was a "lucky shot."

  3. WOW!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING KNEE!!!!!

  4. Soto is no Anderson Silva, he deserved to get KO's for keeping his hands down.

  5. Good Nick Diaz impression in round 1 took me back to the diaz lawler fight… first shot in round 2 looked sketchy at best knee was brutal

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