Joe Rogan Changes His Tune On The Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Decision

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is not shy to admit his mistakes. After re-watching the Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit fight, Rogan like many others gave the fight 3-2 to Nick Diaz.

“When I watched it live I thought that Carlos Condit won it. In the fourth round I said that Condit was winning this fight and when I said that, I was a little bit out of school, because on the scorecards maybe necessarily he wasn’t winning, in my head even, but, there was a trend in round three and four where Condit was scoring way more than Diaz was, that’s why I was saying that Condit was winning that fight. The bottom line is when I watched it at home I gave Nick Diaz round one, round two and round five. At home when I watched it, I thought Nick Diaz won that fight.”

Nick and Carlos are expected to fight once more later this year to settle this score once and for all.


  1. expatexpat says:

    Well Joe tell us something we don't already know. But wait some people think they are MMA know it all, but wait condit had a plan he executed his plan his plan worked lol. Please people the key word is aggression, but wait condit had a plan and obviously the judges had a plan or maybe dana had a plan. Now there is talk about a rematch hmmmm i wonder why. But folks you know who cares because condit will have a plan and everybody knows if you got a plan you will win the match. Some people are just MMA idiots and don't know shit.

  2. I agree with Joe!
    Hey Joe we want to see Carlos Condit VS Nick Diaz Part 2!!!! Talk Dana into it man.

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