Jenna Test Comes back Clean For Oxycontin

Jenna Jameson and her lawyer fire back at Tito Oriz’s claim that she is hooked on Oxycontin. According to TMZ, Jenna tested clean for 10 major drugs including Oxycontin. The results are from American Toxicology Inc. a reputable test facility in Las Vegas. Jenna’s Lawyer,

“The lab tests clearly exonerate Jenna Jameson of any hint, iota, or suggestion that she ingested or was under the influence of any opiates or controlled substances….Statements made by anyone to the contrary are completely impeached by the results from this prestigious testing facility.”

This is damaging evidence against Tito’s case that he confronted Jenna about her addiction to the prescription drug. Oxycontin can be detected in the body for 3-7 days according to Wikipedia.


  1. Nichole Lesniak says:

    So much for Tito's tearful account…

  2. CobraClutch says:

    Girl abusing ass wipe. I can't believe some people here were even thinking about coming to his defense. This guy is a scumbag, and definitely did SOMETHING to her. He didn't just talk to her. You should never, under any circumstances, touch a woman in a way she doesn't want to be touched, that includes slaps, punches, shoves, shakes, pulling, and blocking.

  3. don't forget armbars and toes holds . oh thats right tito doesn't know how to use them anyway! guess he really did finally figure out that jenna being a porn star means she had sex with other guys.

  4. the picture of jenna makes her look like the joker from bat man , you would think they could find a better picture of her

  5. CobraClutch says:

    Now she's taking back the allegations, and so is Tito. This screams dysfunctional at best. But like you guys said, don't be shocked when there's drama in a porn star/fighter relationship. But still, whoever did or didn't do what, Tito's still a scumbag, and got arrested for a reason. Whether she's a wack-job, too, and crazy, I still say it's not cool to do anything against a woman, physically or abusive. Even if she does look like the joker.

  6. 3-7 days, it could easily be out of her system before that test. Not sayin Tito is in the clear but this test sounds like one of those fine print moments.

  7. one its only 1-2 days to clear from your system and this is from my wife who is a RN so stop getting things from Wikipedia cuz anyone can put whatever they want on that….and two until he is convicted of something he is innocent intil proven guilty

  8. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Oh s**t…I didn't realize this was a courtroom!

  9. Nichole Lesniak says:

    And Johnny, according to the DEA website, it's 2-3 days.

  10. CobraClutch says:

    Johnny…did OJ do it? Answer me that one, and let me know where you REALLY stand. :)

  11. I still think you people are putting alot of faith in A pornstar, an attorney (I mean they would never lie), and a drug test that allistar overeem could have passed given a little prep time and coaching. And if you watch TMZ thanks for being part of the majority in this country that watches that mindless garbage. I don't have a life so I am going to stalk famous people. Yeah and titos scum…

  12. Well said.

  13. CobraClutch says:

    I agree. TMZ, Tito and Jenna are all scum. But…he did SOMETHING inappropriate to her. But who cares, it won't be the last time since she took him back. Whatever. I'm moving on to something more important…like the Mayweather/Mosely fight tomorrow night. At least in that fight, both parties have a fair shot of winning. Actually…Mosely doesn't.

  14. ChineseNuts says:

    Caesar Romero? Is that You? Oh never mind, it's just Jenna…..

    Like all other TMZ bullshit, who cares really. I would really like to see it if it was Tito married to Elin…. but all joking aside, all parties in this case are scum like CC pointed out. I just wish the US media outlets would start covering more important issues versus this garbage. Hope all involved die of a Ghonnaherpasyphalaid related death so we don't have to put up with them anymore, oh and Warmachine too!

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