Jamie Yager’s Excuse – TUF 11 and Tito Ortiz

Jamie Yager reacts to the fan and media fallout after being eliminated from the TUF 11 house.


  1. CobraClutch says:

    This guy is a loser. 15 minutes are about half over, and expiring quickly on this one.

  2. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    On the side of the "All bark and no bite" urban dictionary definition is a picture of Yager's face.

  3. This guy is a d-bag, big mouth with no heart. Bet he gets one more fight in the UFC then adios it's off to SF.

  4. CobraDork says:

    I'll bet you a Trillion Dollars that he does not go to SF after one more fight.

    No wait, I don't have that much, make it a Billion.

  5. and we get to see even more of this idiot next week trash talking with that other guy who hates him. How Lucky are we!? Those two will probably fight on the TUF finale I bet.

    If Yager wins he'll get a couple of under-cards. If he loses.. heh well we know what happens then.


    this guy just provez what the great sage of our time, Mike Tyson, used to say-"everybody's got a plan…until they get hit."…how apropo (<-?) that it was a match between Tito's fighter and Chuck's…did you hear the iceman yelling after the fight?…"just like Tito, just like Tito!". Priceless!

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