James Toney: Boxing Is Better Then MMA

A visibly drunk or punch drunk James Toney talks smack about Randy Couture, MMA and “Simba” Kimbo Slice. UFC 118 James Toney takes on Randy Couture in Las Vegas.


  1. f**ck james toney he is an A** hole. I hope randy ground and pounds him into a mud hole!

  2. Aldo Raine says:

    No disrespect for boxing but James Toney has no idea what he's up against. Couture's going to take him down in about 3 seconds and ground and pound the shit out of him.

  3. big gibby says:

    What if tony actually knocks couture out? Randy had better get it to the ground as quick as possible. James tony is not the man you wanna start trading punches with. i want the natural to smash him.

  4. wow this is weird. James toney is great but why is he talking so much shit. There has to be a reason I mean do you guys think he is gonna surprise with great take down defense and wrestling?? WEIRD

  5. Rampage says:

    Homeboy is nuts yo. No way Randy is going to give Tony a chance to hit him and when he takes him down it's going to be a huge blackeye for boxing as one of their best goes down hard. Can't wait Ninjas, Dana don it again. Word to your Uncle and Aunt.

    You know what I'm saying?

  6. Can someone provide me a translator because this guy either has a cud in his mouth or to many shots to the head….what a douche.

  7. i can't understand a damn word he's saying either. he called kimbo "simba" ha ha. all fights start off standing so he could clip randy. please randy be smart and don't let that happen. pound this idiot into the ground for us.

  8. Hitting him won't work well. Captain America should have an easy time choking him out though.

  9. who the hell is King Mo Mousasi? wow, this dude needs to learn to talk period.

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