James “The Sandman” Irvin Dreaming Of A Run At Middleweight, Wanderlei Silva

James “The Sandman” Irvin looks forward to his future UFC career, following a suspension for testing positive for painkillers (Methadone and Oxymorphone) after his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 14.

Saying goodbye to 205, The Sandman looks to start climbing the UFC ladder as a middleweight. Irvin also mentions a fight with Wanderlei Silva as a good match.


  1. would be good for james to fight at middle weight…

  2. yeah mw is good for him but he should not be calling anyone out or asking for all top fighters, you have to earn that and the last time they gave him a top fighter he was on painkillers and out in 10 seconds so he should work his way back and not ask to be given big fights.

  3. right ..i think wandy will give him all he could handle

  4. I think my grandmother could knockout wandy. His prime was about two years ago and unless he can catch his opponent like he did with Jardine, he can't win a fight in the UFC. My guess is that he will have one or maybe two more fights and then get released from his contract. I think Dana enjoys showing the fans that former pride fighters are not really too relevant and that the UFC was the big show all along. This isn't a bad thing though. We still get to watch wandy get rocked a couple more times before getting the boot.

  5. dane drebin says:

    id pay to watch wandy knockout ur grandma

  6. I would like to see this fight just to see if irvin can hang with the big boys or if he got beaten by silva (A) just like he should have

  7. I know he looked rubbish against Anderson Silva.. but it looked to me like Irvin was doing well against Thiago Silva before he injured his leg… I reckon he is probably quite a good fighter – I'd like to see him at 185 against Bisping/Leben/Cote…

    Also,… why is everyone writing Wandi off?? He's lost a few fights to the top names in the sport… he's got plenty left to give – I think he'd beat the shit outa Irvin!

    Wandi vs Houston Alexander would be good!

  8. i am not writing him off, he tooks chucks best shots and didn't go down, that punch from rampage would have knocked out anyone plus wandy is past his prime but not done, he has been fighting guys bigger than him even knocking out hw's at this point he needs to drop down in weight and maybe renew his career, these guys are cutting weight and coming in huge fight night when he is coming in under 205.

  9. Nate Fury says:

    Before Irvin gets Wandy at 185, he needs to prove himself after being destroyed by Anderson. He should fight a Chris Leben or Patrick Cote in a stand up war.

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