Jake Shields Eyes Title Shot With GSP – Video


  1. is it just me or are the best wrestlers all in the 170 div?

  2. like Brock Lesnar and Frankie Edgar?

  3. Its just you.

  4. The best wrestler is in 170…GSP. Other than that there are a bunch in other division that are great wrestlers.

  5. Jake shields will never stand there and BANG. So saying you will every fight gets really old.Go DRY HUMP men somewere else!

  6. Never know it may just be a slug fest, it ususally is when you get two fighters who rely so heavily on takedowns, I don't think Jake is on the same level as GSP, I have GSP by ground and pound stoppage

  7. Ususally yes. But when have you EVER seen Shields fight another without glueing his face in someone's croch.He's a pro fighter that fears getting punched in the face. Winner GSP ko/tko 2rd. 2 or 3 punches 2 the face and that fight is over!!!

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