Its A Blonde, UFC Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks


New UFC Octagon girl Natasha Wicks. Natasha won the Maxim magazine – UFC ring girl search contest at the UFC 100 Fan Expo. Natasha should be a great addition to the already sexy UFC girls Arianny, Edith and Logan.

Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 105 lbs
Measurements: 34-25-36
Shoe size: 7.5
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Eye color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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  1. other derek says:

    see…… there we go that's called mixing it up. NOT BAD!!!

  2. she has a very nice ass. possibly a butter face, but better HD pictures will determine that. i'm glad ufc went with somebody natural. edith larente has the worst tit job, and her accent is annoying.

  3. Very nice. For my taste I would have chosen 1 or 3 before her.

  4. anyone will do for me "SHABA"

  5. Terrible choice, that is an ugly broad. Edith is more visually pleasing, her accent is strong but when do you ever have to hear her talk? never. hopefully this bitch breaks her leg comin down the stairs and we dont gotta see her again. 2 other broads that looked way better than her. Nasty face bitch.

  6. i wouldnt say ugly i would say high on drugs. but still doable!

  7. But still doable??? put a picture up of you and your girlfriend so we can ALL laugh at how u called said doable like you get much better. Her ass is SO nice you know you wish you could get with that. Tank you must be gay or your just a boob man. She won the contest for a reason kid get over yourself.

  8. Sorry Steve but i agree with the guys above, she is good looking but nothing special and to top it off she is skinny as hell and looks like he does drugs.

  9. she does drugs**

  10. I got divorced and my wife took 200K from me. The reason I married her was becasue she was hot. But I reported her to immigration for marriage fraud and she willget deported and she will end up spending half of what she got on attorney fees tryng to defend herself. I love Revenge!!! soory i know this is off topic but i'm going through it

  11. for 200k Jay i'll marry you!

  12. Wolverine1963 says:


    Won't they investigate you too, and there is a stiff fine.

  13. Nope they wont investigate me because the 2 year time limit just passed by. plus she filed for the divorce right after she got her permanent greencard. I mean the greencard came and like one month later she filed a divorce. that will throw up a red flag to immigration according to my attorney

  14. Cobra Clutch says:

    I agree with Kash, I like 1 better, but I don't think this one isn't cute. Derek, she's probably cuter than any girl you can date. hahaha.

  15. SeriouslyHating says:

    This girl probably has more brains than anyone who posts on here. She's unbelievably funny, life loving and kind-hearted. She was a runner in college who looks the way she does because she eats all she wants and runs and tears it up in the las vegas running scene…c'mon former state champ for cross country in high school and went to college, plus she's freaking beautiful, sexy and very well spoken! One would be so lucky to be in her presence!

  16. rujoking?! says:

    R u kidding me?! I was watching this "contest" at the expo and either A.) she paid someone off or B.) sexual favors or c.) the judges were blind as &%@#!… There was some hot-ass girls in the top20. I was sitting in the first row and everyone around me was trully disappointed of the final decision! Even some UFC reps had the look of complete shock when the top5 came out! At that point we all knew something was up. It was ridiculous. Maxim should be embarrassed! This competition was a friggen joke and i'm positive Dana wouldn't approve of thie decision at all!!! Sorry Natasha but there's no way in hell you belong with the other ring girls… no way!!

  17. I was there at the contest too and I was in shock as well! There were definately a lot of other girls with a better personality and better body! I think the UFC chose her because she is from Las Vegas and wanted to save money.. a joke!

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