Is the UFC Worth Over a Billion?

According to the recent TIME Magazine article about female MMA fighters it is. They claim that between the UFC’s events on PPV and Spike, they drew more viewers than last years baseball playoffs in the young men demographic (18 – 34 yr. old males). We already know the UFC passed HBO boxing PPV totals in 2006.

Its not an exact amount on what the UFC is worth, but it makes sense based on how fast the sport has grown. Now they are still finalizing their deal with HBO, just sealed a $100 Million dollar contract extension with Spike, and are in talks with ESPN. What does all of this equal to, even more “Cha Ching” for Dana and the Fertitta’s in the future.



  1. just dont jackup my payperview rates ufc

  2. I hear that & pay your fighters what they are worth, you cheap s.o.b.'s!

  3. Assholes…they make a billion and still pay their fighters like 3 grand to show, 3 grand to win. I hope EliteXC gets some fighters, I'll give them my PPV money instead.

  4. Realwun says:

    Sucks huh, fighters cant make a living off of a billion dollar corp.

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