Interview Video: Tito Ortiz Supporting His Girl At The AVN Awards

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson interviewed in the Hefner suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The duo, was in Las Vegas doing press for the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards.

Jameson announces that she is no longer for hire…Retired.

Tito Ortiz: Thank God she retired, shes done, shes mine for life, so..I’m happy man. its assume to see it.”


  1. tito will never be champ again but he has done a better good promoting himself than any other fighter

  2. better job i mean

  3. tito claims that he made the UFC what it is… what bullshit. a bunch of guys did. and if he really means what he said, he should start training like he did back in the day and claim the 205 belt again. jenna can help tito with his stamina.

  4. They're both so arrogant, I don't know how they get along with each other.

  5. Fuck Tito…and jenna but in a different way, ortiz is a disgrace to all fighters who hit it big and then forget why they started fighting. i say let tito fight as much as he wants for the rest of his life cause with his new attitude he'll get his ass beat every single time. i hope…no i know lyoto or whoever he fights will fuck him up

  6. you guys might not believe this…but I agree completely with everything you say about Tito, what he once was has been gone a long time now.

  7. I agree with Joe, they are both arrogant as hell. The reason they get along is…just like this interview. Jenna talks about herself, then Tito talks about himself, then she talks about herself….30 min later they’re in the bedroom. So since all they talk about to each other is how great they think they are, they always will have something to talk about and be interested in.

  8. Good point Morey. I’ll bet you’re exactly right. They’ll be completely happy as long as they each have someone to talk about themselves with.

  9. dane drebin says:

    on a side note i dont know how he can live with himself dating a former pornstar… bitch has to be loose as fuck… shes hot but used and worn out… titos a celebrity he coudl find a lot of beautiful women why take one so tarnished by cock, i bet he's doin it for the money hahahah he is a business man lol

    i hope tito gets his ass in gear and beats a big name

  10. I don't think Tito is going to accomplish too much more in the fight game. Not because he doesn't have the ability, but because he obviously doesn't want to.

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