Interview: Kimbo Slice Training For CFFC 6

Backstage at the Bellagio, caught up with street fighter and internet legend Kimbo Slice. Kimbo will be making his second appearance as a mixed martial artist at CFFC 6 on October 12.

props: UFCtakedown


  1. eminem is annoying as hell in this video. you're giving kimbo the best training in the world?…who are you? i'd like to bitch slap eminem if he ever separates himself from kimbos teet long enough.

  2. Who was the gay guy Kimbo had his arm around? I'm with you on the trainer, but at the same time, lets give Kimbo time in the cage and see what he can do. I think Tank is going to be a walkthrough for him.

  3. will this scrap be on sky?

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