Interview: Joe Scarola Opening His Own BJJ Academy

The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 quitter explains why he is opening his own BJJ Academy. Scarola explains how he is a very sought after BJJ coach and how he needed to leave Matt Serras gym and start his own.

Scarola quit the TUF 6 show after losing his first fight, embarrassing Matt Serra, who pulled strings to get him on the show.

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  1. hahaha…Quitter Academy of BJJ…sounds like a good idea there Scorola.

  2. hahah thats funny kash.. but this guy is never going to make it in the ufc and in WEC, sucks for him

  3. Scarola sucks. I probably could beat him standing up or on the ground AND I know nothing!

  4. Scarola sucks. He showed no skilsl during TUF.

  5. serra disowned him. even dana white said scarola would never come fight in the UFC again. i highly doubt true students would train under a sensei, master, or whatever scarola calls himself that has no real fight experience.

  6. I think he’s a punk. He acted like a big cry baby on the show. I think he has some BJJ skills, but I don’t think he has much confidence in himself. Plus, he doesn’t like to get hit, so he should just stick to BJJ and stay out of the MMA game. I don’t like the way he justifies his actions by saying Matt Serra’s school didn’t allow him to grow. What a joke. This guy seems to have no loyalty to his friends. I couldn’t care less if this guy EVER gets another shot.

  7. wow, and this scarola (or should i said SCAREDola) was best man at serra's wedding.

  8. I'm just glad the UFC and Serra don't want anything to do with the guy anymore. He pussied out and betrayed his home team. They guy may have talent but he has no heart.

    On the other hand, I still haven't found anyone who knows that move he pulled in TUF. He can teach his students how to tap out before the bell sounds…he can call that his famous tap in under 5 seconds technique.

  9. guys a pooner nuff said

  10. dane drebin says:

    he should name the acedemy Pussies R us

  11. Leave Joe alone, he doesn't know what he's doing.

  12. Joey is skilled at BJJ or he wouldn't have been a instructor at

    the Serra's gym. I got the feeling he was pushed to take part in UFC training camp. He should have been his own man, and said No.. to Matt. I saw how Matt reacted when Joey want to go home – when he lost. Joey didn't or doesn't

    have the MMA fighter instinct or personality. So it make you wonder why was there to begin with…

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