Inside MMA Episode 14 With Karo Parisyan

The latest Episode of Inside MMA guest staring Karo Parisyan, Sam Caplan and Amir Perets. Starts off talking with Monte Cox about Fedor Emelianenko fight on New Years Eve at Yarennoka!.

Karo Parisyan dismisses rumors of ever been offered a fight with Jon Fitch. He also hinted that he wanted to fight either Thiago Alves or Marcus Davis.


  1. Karo said it again how he wants to fight an easy fight so he can get his title show. Smart but the fans are going to say he is scared of Fitch. I hope he fights Marcus Davis because Davis has been on a big run since TUF 2. Davis deserves his chance to fight better competition.

  2. jon fitch is actually pretty good. karo is pretty good too. it would be a good fight.

  3. jn or kar would be down davis, bi wod like to se davis step it p and ghtome harer pl but tinkhis nxt fgh s pretty hrd for him.. Josh Burkman or Swick should fight Davis

  4. Whoever the admin is on this site, I don't know if you know or not, but your blog was featured on G4TV last night on Attack of the Show's "Blog Watch." Check out the video section on G4's website.

  5. Good job. I have a few MMA sites that I visit religiously and this is one of them. Thanks for all the vids and news.

  6. yes thank you so much for all the vids and colorful commentary.

  7. So Karo doesn't think women should do MMA. Man, I know some girls at my gym that can whoop some ass. That guy needs to worry about coasting to his title shot. I hope he does get a shot at GSP down the road so he can get his head kicked off. If he is so confident he should want to fight Fitch.

  8. dane drebin says:

    i think fitch should get a shot before him… fitch beat sanchez somethin karo couldnt do… i think fitch would beat karo and karo knows it… he couldnt throw fitch cuz hes too strong and too good… i think fitch would beat hughes personally and id love to see him vs st.pier. he is undefeated in the ufc and has one of the best records in the ufc currently. he deserves the oppurtunity hes never failed and is exciting unlike karo

  9. I agree with that too. Karo knows that Fitch is a great fighter that has a great chance of beating him. Karo was basically saying he wants to fight a Can so that he can get a title shot. I don't think anyone wants to see someone like that get a shot. I agree, give Fitch a nod after his dominating performance agianst Sanchez.

  10. I agree, I think Fitch would beat Karo as well.

  11. karo - hater says:

    karo sucks hes a punk couldnt do anything with sanchez he looked scared did you see him on the ultimate fighter what an asshole

  12. lol go fuck yourself dumbass you dont know shit and onlytalking out of your ass!! WOW nice username, et me guess? karo has dropped you PUNK ass couple of times and for th idots out there including your faggorit ass karo kicked dego's as the first2 rounds ONLY lost the 3rd minute of the round even a blind man can see that BITCH! And karo also turn that fight the fight of the year and fitch barely beat diego hey I would even say diego beat him..With spit decesion and a boringggggg ass way! So with all due respect STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Karo lost to Sanchez pretty damn easily. He doesn't have the heart of a champion and always puts his name before his talent. Why don't you and Karo go F urself becaue he will never be champion.

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