Infamous Robber and Former UFC Fighter Lee Murray Freed In Morocco (UPDATE)


Former UFC fighter and infamous robber, “Lightning” Lee Murray has been released from jail in Morocco.

Lee Murray, the MMA star accused of masterminding the biggest cash robbery in history, has been released from a Moroccan prison cell to freedom, his lawyers in Morocco and London said Wednesday.

The surprise move came after a hearing before the Moroccan Supreme Court in which a panel of judges upheld Murray’s claim that he is a citizen of the North African nation. British prosecutors were trying to extradite the fighter on charges that he masterminded the Feb. 22, 2006 robbery of a cash warehouse on the outskirts of London, making off with a record $92 million in cash.

Murray is free as a Moroccan citizen. He now has to stays out of trouble and never leave Morocco.

Murrays freedom was short lived, MMAFanhouse.

“Lee was indeed rearrested right away, because the British Authorities did put [in] a formal request to the Moroccan Authorities to have him tried in Morocco for the alleged robbery,”

For some back history on Lee Murrays heist check out the ESPN E:60 video below.

Watch part two of the Lee Murray story.


  1. man i hope murray has a few fights in the UFC, he was an awesome stand up artist and had great fights.

  2. He also dropped Tito Ortiz outside of a bar in front of Hughes and Liddell. And some other fighters as well. It was a little rumble with tito getting peiced up. It was in Matt Hughes book. Murray IS NOT gonna fight in the ufc ever again. He isnt even gonna be free ever again. He is fucked with the law.

  3. Lee Murray has foughten anderson silva hahaha he lost..

  4. yes he lost, thought it was a close fight.

  5. shake n bake says:

    anderson said he was the toughest guy he ever fought no one in the ufc has got to a decision with A.silva

  6. Well except leites… anderson's last fight 2 months ago

  7. that was a fight? i thought leites was trying to encourage him to sleep on the mats

  8. but didn't Hendo go all the way with him too?!

  9. No Hendo got choked out in the second

  10. let's get off lee murray's nuts. dude has not fought in 2004. that's like asking mike tyson to come back and fight for the title. plus, lee murray is now in a prison in england…. where he'll be for a long time. especially if you stole 92 million.

  11. yea, so when he fell asleep he could pounce on him…not so sure that would have worked in leites favor either

  12. He is a Criminal. Even if he gets out he still will have a criminal mind and spirit. Its like a disease.

  13. ron shaw says:

    he stole $92 million. no way this guys getting off the hook any lifetime soon.

  14. well he will be tried in Morroco. Its not america keep in mind. If he has a Shrewd Attorney he will probably get like 5 years or less maybe

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