Heath Herring Comfortable Acting, Not In A Rush To Return To Fighting

4 movies filmed, 3-4 more in the works, UFC heavyweight Heath Herring is not in a rush to return to fighting. With health insurance and retirement in full effect from his production company, 31 year old Herring is going to let this movie career play out before even thinking of returning to the sport.


  1. I wouldn't want to fight anymore either if Brock Lesnar beat me to a pulp.

  2. richaaron says:

    That's perfect cause I'm in no rush to watch him fight…

  3. I hope Herring has another career under his belt because his acting sucks just like the last couple of fights he had.

  4. Muay Thai says:

    I dont think he will ever want another shot at fighting Brock.

  5. i think that fight was maybe the final straw in his career, he said himself he got a serious beatdown and could hardly move for days after.

  6. yeah he’s looking for a less painfull paycheck

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