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  1. which one is the turkey?

  2. At least he is good at something.

  3. Redbeard3261 says:

    he is bum after the comments following Coulture fight and so is Ortiz after Griffin shamed him into not trying in the 3rd round and losing then coming up with "fighting injured excuse"

  4. It was funny how Tito claimed he had a cracked skull but yet was not suspended by the NSAC after the fight, and in no way would they have let him fight if he wasn't able.

    What pisses me of most, After 18 months without fighting and the surgery and all the things that kept him inactive for all this time, Tito looked good in the fight (obviously not the 3rd), I think a lot of people were impressed with his comeback fight. He didn't have to resort to excuses.

  5. Luke: its like he cant help himself.

    I think He actually believes that we care about

    his "injuries" and doesn't realize he's boring us

    to boos when he rambles on

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