GSP vs. Dan Hardy Unofficial Preview

Great fan preview for the UFC 111 fight between GSP Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy. TG: NickTheFace


  1. It won't even be a contest. GSP is going to run through this guy.

  2. Dont count anybody out. Hardy has a punchers chance. remember matt serra anyone. and dont say that it was a fluke, or he got caught or it was his off night or he had personal problems and blah blah. Bottom line Matt serra was the better guy that night and he connected on GSP. I hate when guys say Oh I got caught! Guess what when you ahve 2 warriors going at it of course someone is going to get caught thats the whole point is to catch someone. So dont make excuses. right now GSP is to multi dimensional and he never gets tired. But dont count out Hardy in this fight

  3. yeah thats what they said about Sera ……had no chance….

  4. I cant stand GSP I hope Hardy wins this one but I doubt it. GSP reminds me of Van Dam that rated B actor.

  5. gsp wont make the same mistake twice. He will retire the champ.

  6. hall LOL at you not being able to stand GSp one of the nicest humblest people in the ufc but you can stand Hardy? a guy who talks shit about everyone of his opponents just because he likes to… lol GSP is gunna give hardy the ass whooping of a lifetime.

  7. BJJ Brown Belt says:

    I will not say that Serra got lucky but I am sure that GSP was not looking for that big punch because Serra is not a KO guy. I am not saying that Hardy cannot catch him but there is no way that Hardy can surprise you by standing up with you because that is his bread and butter – there is nothing else to be carefeul of. I see GSP submitting Hardy in Round 1.

  8. I want Dan Hardy to win but i dont see him stopping the takedowns meaning GSP will ground and pound him until he stops him or gets the decision.

    GSP should not underestimate Dan Hardy though. This kid is tough and hits hard. Both Davis and Swick are stand-up fighters and both after two minutes of fighting Dan hardy have tried to take it to the ground so GSP will have to be careful on the feet but like i said previously GSP will be able to take Hardy down so it doesnt look to good for hardy.

    Hardy should just work on his sprawl the whole way up to the fight.

  9. monte hoogerhyde says:

    how in the hell did this no name even get a title shot!!

  10. he is not a no name. swick was considered to be one of the best welterweights right behind GSP and dan hardy tooled with him and was smiling the whole fight. Hardy has a chance. GSP takes down bigger guys than him in training and he takes them down at will! So hardy has to do somehting very creative like throw a big knee or something like that. But believe me with those 4 ounze gloves Hardy can still expose GSP. Dont think he is invincible

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