Gina Carano On The Cover Of ESPN The Body

gina carano espn body

Gina Carano in full glory on the cover of ESPN “The Body Issue”


  1. i knew it. check out gina's crotch area. i'm disappointed. forget about testing for steroids in women's mma. we need to check for penises! i will work for free to check the female fighters..

  2. obviously WAYYYYY airbrushed. She looks hotter normal. But it ain't like i'm complaining!! :P

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    You'll would still eat the peanuts out of her ass.

  4. I like her and think she is atractive but derek is right. It looks like she has a penis in that shot.

  5. whatever,,, it works for me

  6. i'll suck that penis and eat peanuts out of her ass. then blow my load on those hot fucking tits and face.

  7. haha you guys are crazy. she is not as hot as this airbrushed picture. it almost makes her look like he's sporting d's.

  8. dane drebin says:

    even if gina was a tranny she wouldnt let any of u near her nuts lol

  9. patrick bateman says:

    this is not evewn Gina are you kidding me she has never and will never be tone

    and her boobs are not that big either they just put her face on someone elses body

  10. seriously, that crotch in the picture is bugging me. is it only me and the other guy who noticed the BULGE? real women shold have a camel toe, not a hidden penis.

  11. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Dane is the only one here smooth enough to pick up a tranny. lol

  12. dane drebin says:

    u'll learn in time gobblecock it takes practice ur well on ur way

  13. i always wondered about you guys …lmao

  14. You guys completely screwed it up for me. Now I can't look at that picture without looking at her crotch. Damn you!

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