Gina Carano On EliteXC “Heat”, Cyborg and Her Single Life

Gina Carano speaks with Raw Las Vegas TV just as she finishes her final practice before leaving to Florida to compete at Saturdays EliteXC “Heat”.


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    When he asked her where Kimbo stands along side Fedor, Randy and other top 10 HWs I thought she was gonna lie her ass off cause she's in the same company with him but I like and respect what she said. It was a good and honest answer. I also like how she gets flirted with in every single interview I see her in.

  2. I'd flirt with her too. she's friggin hot man :D

    Yup, she handled that kimbo Question like a pro.

  3. Damn…I wish Gina Carano had cauliflower ears. That would be such a f'ing turn on!

    She's so sexy!

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