Georges St. Pierre Admits Guilt In “Man Kiss” Scandal

Funny, you can see Penn’s facial expression change following the kiss. I’m not sure if GSP actually hired the man or he is just taking credit for it – If he did that is a sick way to get into a fighters head before a fight.


  1. probably not the first time penn has been kissed by a man. and i dont know why he complains about vaseline so much when he uses it all the time with his boyfriends. penn is a little bitch.

  2. Ha ha. Lets wait for next months NSAC hearing regarding KISS GATE.

    BJ should just move on and get training hard before he gets so deep in this debate that Ken Flo kicks his ass.

  3. Thats funny. I hate slow news weeks.

  4. BJ is a looser

  5. The kissing bandit was Mickey Avalon. I've read on forums that He and BJ are actually friends. Who the hell knows though, its the internet. Sources on it are about as reliable as the Star or Enquirer.

  6. i use to have respect for BJ, but now i jus see him as a bitch. he got his ass beat by gsp, and hes bitchin about sum vaseline?! he was getting DOMINATED on his feet, and when it went to the ground, bj barely even attempted any subs so he cant use vasaline as an excuse. that bitch needs to stay at 155, and jus worry about ken flo beaten his ass next

  7. nikkidee says:

    I agree that vaseline or no vaseline, GSP would've won the fight–he was obviously better prepared than BJ (who looked disappointingly lackluster). However, that doesn't excuse Phil Nurse's blatant disregard for the rules of the game. Although it appeared the amount of vaseline applied was minimal, it was still applied none the less–and he's been accused of this before, so he should definitely know better. Unfortunately for GSP this does taint his win a bit–especially when other fighters have complained (ala Matt Hughes) that he felt greasy.

  8. ask Jon Fitch how greasy GSP felt when he got throttled on his feet for five rounds and Fitch is a great fighter. BJ Penn should vaseline up his body and rubber guard his dick in to his mouth.

  9. "rubber guard his dick in to his mouth."

    Hahahaha Classic

  10. Porsche930_Pilot says:

    Now it's past being a legit claim by penn and even people who wanted to see what the commission would decide are now seeing this is just penns bullshit. Even now he still wants to cry about it so it's not about the claim anymore it's just a spoiled baby not giving on not getting his way. Penn cry to momma some more cause she's the only one listening at this point.

  11. I agree with nikkadee that it does KIND OF taint his win BUT I think with or without the vaseline GSP still would have won. It's just one of those things where if it was an accident (which it probably was) ok but if it was intentional, fans really don't want to see that happening. Either way though, no action was ruled against Phil Nurse, so fuck it, its over. If Penn is still bitching about it then I think he is being a bitch, and yeah, he does need to work hard for Florian because he is no joke.

  12. it dosnt matter if gsp had a bit of greece on his back, so would bj aswell a after george hits bj's face then grabs his body plus all the greece coming off the fighters heads when clinching they will both be coverd in the shit anyways bj is a rat i hope he dose fight gsp again so he can get an even bigger ass kickin

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