Gegard Mousasi “I think the steroids have gone to [Paulo Filho] his head”


Gegard Mousasi on Paulo Filho,

“What happened when [Filho] came to America, he wasn’t…he got beat up really bad. Now he’s back in Japan and he feels like a kid in a candy story, I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. And I think the steroids have gone to his head.”

“[Filho] didn’t perform the same as he does in Japan as he does, how you say, in America. And now he suddenly has a big mouth again. I would say that he’s a little donkey that, he’s on steroids, he thinks he’s a running horse. But, he’s more like a little poney….I really believe that he used steroids. He also backed out a couple of times when he had to fight Chael Sonnen. He said he was crazy. Maybe he is crazy. I don’t know. I think he wasn’t feeling very good mentally because he cannot use his magic stuff … You saw what happened when other fighters came from Japan, when they fought in the US, and how they performed.”

“I also fight in Japan and I don’t use anything … If there’s an athletic commission test, he can fight me everywhere, everywhere he wants.”

Gegard Mousasi calling it like it is when asked about Brazilian middleweight Paulo Filho in a recent interview with Fighters. Filho’s “rumored” steroid use took stage when the unbeatable fighter who fought mostly in Japan, came to fight in the United States. He had two lackluster fights with Chael Sonnen in the WEC before disappearing to Brazil to be treated for Depression {Rehab}.

He has now emerged back in Japan, (where the steroid testing is almost non existent) calling out the best middleweight fighters in the world.

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Gegard Mousasi "I think the steroids have gone to [Paulo Filho] his head"" data-url="" data-via="">


  1. Mousasi would crush Filho…

    I wonder if a lot of guys were takin roids when they were fighting for Pride in Japan???

  2. Barnett – check

    Filho – check

    What the hell is wrong with Japan??? Test all fighters for performance enhancers…

  3. a little donkey on roids. that is freakin funny to me.

    I want to see Mousasi in the UFC

  4. Gegard Mousasi is really growing on me..

    `Japen like the Big muscler Guys idk yet but thats why they dont test they like The freak shows…Like Bob Sap and butter bean and so on..

    Nice one Zach, making me laugh

  5. Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones expected for The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale in December

    I think Matt could give jones some problems

  6. Strikeforce champ Gegard Mousasi scratched from DREAM's "Super Hulk" tourney

  7. that sucks, but its not a big loss i would have liked to see him win the tourney but there was not alot of reason for him to fight soko right now a win people already think soko is not that good and if he lost it would have been bad. he is better off just fighting for strikeforce.

  8. dane drebin says:

    good now hopefully soko can win the super hulk tourny lol. mousasi would crush filho. definetly the wrong guy filho should be calling out lmao.

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