Funny Video: There’s No Crying In MMA

TG “FightLinker


  1. hahahha

  2. this may be the greatest thing i've ever seen on this site.

  3. a true classic

  4. danny g says:

    i think he was crying cuz his mom died!!

  5. dam you would have thought he was the one fighting,i guess he was proud of nam, it was a nice knock out.

  6. Cobra Clutch says:

    awesome. well, you were a 37-year-old virgin, and you looked like him…you'd be crying, too! hahahahaha.

  7. that guy was funny looking but you could put together a 10 hour movie of athletes crying like babies after winning or losing the big game. The best all time was Forest Griffen balled up beside the cage crying in disbelief after getting pounded out!

  8. This video is funny as hell. I think I have a plastic little league trophy that would probably get some tears from that guy. I wonder why he doesn't fight?

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