Freddie Roach List Best Boxers In MMA, Anderson Silva vs. GSP

Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and boxing champion Andre Ward sit down with HDNets Inside MMA to talk about boxing in MMA. Roach also calls the dream superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre the “Pacquiao vs. Mayweather” fight of MMA.

Roach list the best boxers in mixed martial arts.

  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Georges St. Pierre
  3. BJ Penn
  4. Nick Diaz
  5. KJ Noons

The list is obviously skewed towards fighters Roach has worked with. What do you think, who are the top five boxers in MMA today?


  1. Kinda biased if you ask me. He put up Noons who wasn't elite as a boxer and hasn't done much in mma since coming back. Noons works with Roach.

    Where's Frankie Edgar?

  2. After his performance the other night, Kimbo should be on the list :)

  3. pinoymmafan says:

    Hendo and JDS are the missing link.

  4. Question. If GSP is the 2nd best fighter in the MMA world then why does every announcer and commentator say that it is his biggest weakness. Roach is talking shit.

  5. *2nd best boxer.

  6. G.B.Hamerick says:

    How did i miss this headline. The paper champ could never beat silva in any weight class and how could diaz be listed after bj? Roach should stick to boxing and try to get this pacman /floyd fight signed. I just love it when some of these guys that are not in mma try to put their 2 cents in comments and most of them don't even follow mma.

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