Forrest Griffin Surfaces – Marriage, TUF and Anderson

Forrest Griffin finally reappears in the media after his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 101. Griffin jokes around, avoiding the inevitable question, What happened at UFC 101.


  1. Oh, am sorry for leaving 2 comments, is just that andreson silvas's dick is in my mouth 24/7 and I cant think straight.

  2. Forrest is usually goofy, but he really seemed f'ed up still. That interview was painfully awkward and I wasn't even there. Should've never fought Silva….

  3. Dumbest interview ever…….His joke was funny though.

  4. patrick bateman says:

    Griffen will fight Jardine again and lose again as he is now at the bottom of the pile. give him franklin mabey that could be a fair match for two losers

  5. lol two losers ..good one Bateman….. thats funny ..thats why he said what he said .. he knew he was a loser … he hated the moniker .. as anybody would … that whole interview was an admision of quilt .. i sucked nuff said who do i fight ?

  6. When he loses he tries to be funny and when he wins he gets serious. Forrest is a weird guy though

  7. forrest was considered Number Top 5 by Sherdog and mma weekly and Silva dismantled him with 3 punches. 3 PUNCHES!! thats all it took!!! Vitor Watch out!

  8. Was he drunk, or is he getting punch drunk?

  9. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Share that shit slut! lol

  10. he needs to man up and stop acting like a dick if he dont like the sport dosent like talking to the fans who have just lined his pockets with money then he should hang his gloves up

  11. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I feel sorry for Vitor. Silva is going to punish him.

  12. and the guy who is using my name is Forrests ex boy friend who thought Forrest was a great fighter and could beat Anderson and he sucked Forrest dick before he fought

  13. wow. anderson not only knocked him out and made him run, but he took the will to live out of this guy. and this is forrest griffin. imagine what’s going to happen to vitor? over. it’s already over. TKO in the first.

  14. i dont feel sorry for vitor, i think anderson will win but vitor aint no forrest griffin, griffin gets to much cred for his win over shogun and rampage, even tho vitor probaly wont win this fight i garantee he wont loose like a bitch and for all those saying its gonna be a first round ko thats funny, anderson is a beast but he wont finish vitor in the first round i dont even think he will finish vitor at all (yea i said it i dont think silva will be able to finish belfort)

  15. everyone remember sy's #14 post after silva knocks vitor the FO!!!! TKO in the first. Done.

  16. In my opinion Forrest is still a top tier fighter but he's not Anderson Silva…he's no Machida. There's always a new breed that comes up and makes the good fighters look bad. But Forrest is a good fighter and he'll be competitive in the future.

  17. yea joe remember my #14 post u say 1st rd ko/tko we shal see

  18. forrest is overrated imo just beat a shogun that wasnt 100% and a rampage that really didnt show up 2 fight that night.

  19. i agree about the shogun fight he didnt look like himself. but forrest outmatched rampage who is good all the time. he always shows up to fight. forrest is not the top guy i agree but he's got to be a top 10 for sure.

  20. Forrest a top 10? keith jardine knocked him out. And houston alexander knocked out jardine. I dont get it how is he top 10. Because maybe he is white???

  21. I'm sorry but anyone who thinks Rampage showed up for Forrest is WAY off.

    Rampage looked terrible, i dunno where his head was at that fight but it wasn't in the fight. he'd had too long off and rested on his laurels.

  22. dane drebin says:

    anderson makes everybody look like shit but yet everyone always hates on everyone he destroys like its the end of their careers lol

  23. dane drebin says:

    sounds like another rampage excuse… rampage showed up for the forest fight rampage just doesnt know what CHECKING KICKS means. he didnt check kicks in from jardine and even got a leg kick from wand right before he KO'd wand.

  24. The best Rampage we saw was against henderson MAN! he looked awesome nonstop action and went 5 full rounds with explosiveness. If that Rampage fought Forrest it would have been over quick

  25. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Really? I thought the Rampage against Wanderlei for the 3rd time and the Rampage from the 2nd Chuck fight looked way better than in his fight with Hendo. Kinda boring.

  26. jackson looked his best vs chuck and hendo..

    I think jackson looked shitty vs silva,in my opinion he got lucky

  27. i agree that jackson looked best vs chuck and hendo but i think its unfair to say he got lucky against silva he knocked him clean out cold thats just like saying rashard got lucky against chuck

  28. Watch the fight, Jackson is just throwing big bombs and doesnt look to be his self in the fight..we all know he has one hit power and silva got cott early..just my opion

  29. dane drebin says:

    lol so let me get this straight jackson looked awsome when he knocked out chuck with one punch but he didnt look like he was all there when he knocked out silva with one punch? wtf atre u talking about he looked the same in both those fights

  30. rampage does not show up to fights sometimes, go look at his fight with shogun he didn't look right from the start and he did look his best against hendo he went 5 hard rounds, and i agree he didn't look his best vs wandy. wandy went in near the end of the round and thats how he got caught if he stood back jackson hadn't done shit yet.

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