Former UFC Legend Kimo Leopoldo Dies At 41 (UPDATED)


TMZ has confirmed, Kimo Leopardo (10-7-1) has died of an apparent heart attack at the age for 41. In recent years, Leopardo was engulfed in drug use allegations including steroids and legal troubles with included arrests for drugs, assault and domestic violence.

Earlier this year Leopoldo applied to become a official officer of the California State Athletic Commission, but was arrested a month later on possession of Meth.

Leopoldo started his MMA career back in 1994, when took on Royce Gracie at UFC 3. He hasn’t fought since 2006.

This story may or may not be true. Kevin Iole twitters…

Kimo Leopoldo is NOT DEAD, I’ve been told by his attorney. More details to folo….He suggested I call his mgr, whose voice mail is full.

Also, from Kimo’s publicist, apparently he was sleeping and woke up to learn of reports of his death.

TMZ has pulled the post…KIMO is Alive.

Kimo Leopoldo appeared at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, proving he is still alive.


  1. MauiMMA says:

    Kimo lived a hard life with a lot of ups and downs… he was fun to watch fight…. R.I.P Kimo.

  2. i seen him around alot, my friend did his tats he was cool, sad i hope these guys learn to stay away from roids and drugs.


  3. well said roy

  4. i would not be surprised if he died from a heart attack… from cocaine or steroids… at an early age. tmz is a pretty reliable source though……. despite the trashy celebrity news they have.

  5. RIP KIMO!

  6. r.i.p kimo

  7. kimo is alive

  8. yahoo posted an official article at;_ylt=AslNtESl3Km

    now that kimo came back from the dead and resurfaced.

  9. Damn, that’s pretty crazy….There’s a lot of MMA guys dying at an early age.

  10. tmz. Making the national enquirer look

    reputable since 2005

  11. Thanks for the Yahoo article derek. It's good to hear he is alright.

  12. get your shit together TMZ

  13. haha that was mad

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