Former PRIDE Fighter Denis Kang Signs With The UFC

According to MMAJunkie, former PRIDE FC fighter and Denis Kang (31-10-1) has signed a four fight deal with the UFC. Kang will be a much needed breath of fresh air for the UFC middleweight division, which has been hit hard by Anderson Silva.

Kang hold wins over fighters like Marvin Eastman, Akihiro Gono, Murilo “Ninja” Rua and Andrei Semenov. Expect Kang to make his UFC debut early in 2009.

American Top Team’s General Manager Richie Guerriero:

“I just think timing wise, it was a good point in his career (to sign with the UFC) … He’s always had his eye on the UFC, but with his commitment to SpiritMC, and with him fighting for PRIDE at the time, it just never happened.”

“With the UFC being what it is, I think Denis knew it was a good time to get some exposure here in America,”


  1. he is a solid fighter who is fun to watch, i don't see him beating anderson but he will be one of the top mw's on the ufc, i am glad they got him.

  2. Jordan Katz says:

    Great signing, everybody involved wins. He is a top-tier fighter (not great though), is usually involved in exciting bouts, adds depth to the division and raises the quality of talent in the UFC. Really solid pick up.

  3. I agree…

  4. I think he would put Franklin to sleep and would put up a really good fight with Dan Hendo and maybe he will get the chance to fight Anderson or takeover the middleweight division after Anderson moves up and retires.

  5. right any new and solid fighter in the mw's will be a good thing for UFC fans.

  6. denis, thanks for coming to your senses. fedor, now it's your turn.

  7. h should help the middle divisionlook bette in the UFc a with the WEC fights moving to ufc

  8. rich and Hendo will kill him

  9. dane drebin says:

    i dont know much about kang but none of the names they have listed off that he's beat besides ninja are near the fighters of hendo or franklin. why do people think franklin has such a bad chin he's lost to anderson and lyoto give him a break lol.

  10. Ok so who has Franklin beat that is even close to Hendos lvl? Never said he had a bad chin just said that Kang would KO him. Kang has superb hands and another guy that the UFC should get is Gegard Mousasi but I guess Gegard wants to go for a world championship in boxing. But if that fails or just flat out falls through then I would love to see him fight in the UFC.

  11. another name is Amar Suloev. These are tough guys that are very exciting to watch. Now I dont think Franklin is horrible but I do think he is probally the most overrated MW/LHW fighter in MMA. Now lets see if he proves me wrong.

  12. Rich has beat Evan Tanner twice and Yushin Okami. Dennis Kang is very good like top 3 or 4 in mw good but no one has proven to be able to be a no 2 mw except Rich. I understand your point Denis has only lost of recent (last 3 years ) to extremely stiff competition. I think everyone though is making a huge mistake to underestimate Rich Franklin, He is very consistent maybe one of the most consistent fighters in the world. ill say it again for now the fourth time 24-3 with 22 wins coming via submission or ko. hes a finisher and he shows up every fight, he has been a champ and defended, hes lost badly twice and been injured and been accused of being old and he continues to beat top competition convincingly.

  13. Gegard Mousasi is F'in serious to me it seems like he is born to be a UFC Champ someday. He is very underrated very good. It seems like an inevitability that he will one day turn heads in the UFC.

  14. No offense to Tanner but he never evolved his game and even though he had a big heart he never had great skills standing. And in this day and age u need to be well rounded. I mean kendal grove dominated Tanner completly. And Kendal is not even close to top 10. Yushin Okami is a good fighter but there is something about him that doesnt let me believe in him. He just doesnt really show a killer instinct or the ability to be a champion. So those two guys he beat dont really prove he is great atleast not to me.

  15. dane drebin says:

    what about how he just destroyed a way bigger hamill? Mcdonald has a sick ground game and proved it in the maia fight. i think hendo is gunna have a lot harder of a time beating rich than u think. i think rich has a lot better cardio than henderson and will wear him out as long as he doesnt get caught by one of dan's wild punches. and kendal dominated a tanner who was far past his prime. he has been out of action for a long time and his wild lifestyle took a huge toll on his body. if u think the tanner who faught kendall was the same tanner who faught franklin ur fooling urself steve. his body looked totally different.

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