Fireworks Breakout At Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas NYC Press Conference

An epic press conference for Shine fights: Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas on May 15th. After a insult on each others wife’s, mothers and body shape the presser turns violent.

“I’m going to be the man and you will be the woman that night” – Mayorga


  1. I hope Mayorga trains to get off the ground. If he can stay on his feet he wins.

  2. Mayorga knows he cant win on the ground, thats why he taunts him in the end about having a "real fight"

  3. My Daddy is bigger than your Daddy!

  4. Mayorga is a loud mouth and I hope he gets his ass handed to him, I also am really impressed with his training regiment which apparently includes cigarettes. Boy that ought to do wonders for his cardio. What a dick! Hey Din if for some reason you cant make it I would be happy to ground and pound his ass,so they have to wire his jaw back together.

  5. this video had me rolling, mayorga is a pro at getting under someones skin at a press conference. its too bad the fight won't be as entertaining.

  6. he was dressed for work behind the hardware store looking to do some landscaping , silly beanbag

  7. CobraClutch says:

    That press conference reminds me of MMA forums. People talking a lot of shit, and nothing resolved at the end of the day. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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