Fightmetric: BJ Penn Defeats Frankie Edgar

According to Fightmetric’s round by round scoring BJ Penn should have won the fight 49-47. Interesting…

Round 1: Penn
Round 2: Penn
Round 3: Penn
Round 4: Edgar
Round 5: Edgar

Edgar’s upbeat movements and decisive win in round 5, were in my eyes, key factors to his success.

Interesting the other fight stat site CompuStrike calls it narrowly for Edgar.

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  1. What ever.

  2. I will admit that pro mma judging sucks out loud, but I think this story demonstrates why computers cant do the judging,metric has one result and compu strike has the other. interesting

  3. i think bj should have won this fight. as much as i hate to say it cuz the guys a douche, for a tiltle fight i really dont think edgar did enough to win. if machida keeps his belt in his last fight than bj shoul;d have kept his also. i hope he gets a quick rematch. i wouldnt be surprised if diego sanchez gets a shot first though. they want him to have the belt so bad even though he's an ass

  4. Sanchez moved back up to 170. I think they said florian gets first shot at edgar and bj would fight Maynard. Then the winner gets title shot.

    I thought bj did enough to keep the belt and when they announced decision my jaw dropped. But– This is good for the sport because champions need to become "killers" again.

    I can promise you that if bj would have been the challenger then he would have came in like a tornado. But he just looked not himself. I'm a big bj fan but He fought like total shit.

    hopefully this will fire him up again to fight more aggressive. I mean if he can finish: stevenson, hughes, sherk, diego, and florian — then he could have finished edgar. He just looked tenative. It sucked.

  5. I think that any title fight, that goes to decision should be immediately available for rematch in the parking lot!

  6. CobraClutch says:

    There's nothing here for Octagon control or aggression, clearly where Frankie would have scored higher.

    That said, I'm of the mind-set that you have to clearly BEAT the champ to become the champ and since this fight was so close (like Jackson/Griffin and Machida/Shogun) that the belt should have stayed with BJ. Like it did with Machida.

  7. No way did bj when this fight edger tattoed bj face out pointed, and got the takedowns, he edger won this fight, bj should of secured some takedowns then he would of won. He being bj didn't listen to his corner he should of taken edger down, he bj LOST. Seems like everytime bj loses his nuthuggers come out in droves. He being bj, lost to edger the better fighter of that night. What nuthuggers we don't count takedowns anymore, or takedown attempts,, nuthuggers. Get off bj losing nuts.

  8. Edgar didn't do enough to beat BJ…. but BJ didn't do enough to win. Know what I mean?

    I called it a draw.

    ! and 2 to Penn

    3 was a draw

    4 and 5 go to Edgar.

  9. the takedowns in rounds 4 and 5 gave the rounds to edgar in my opinion. i know they don't give points for this, but someone like bj that can get right up from a takedown should also get some credit. that's harder than stopping a takedown.

    i agree with t.r. that bj will come back better and be more agressive. i would like to see what was wrong with his knee because he usually has better takedown defense and he didn't even try for one himself, even when his corner told him he had to do that.

  10. These 'metric' computer things are the stupidest judging results i've ever seen. They are inevitably effected almost entirely by the opinion of the creator and they don't gauge the fights well at all. There are reasons you might say bj won but these computer things are ridiculous and stupid.

  11. takedowns dont mean shit unless you do something with it and edgar didnt do nothing……he took BJ down and BJ got right back up

  12. BJ sucked. He looked like he wanted to go back to the hotel. Edgar kept moving and punching, attempting and completeing takedowns. Edgar clearly won the fight

  13. Honestly, Edgar looked great. He had good movement, and he had 2 good takedowns. However, it's ridiculous to say he "clearly" won. Penn stuffed the majority of the takedown attempts, he got up immediately when Edgar actually succeeded in taking him down, and he won the boxing battle with good counter-punching. Penn's eye was blackened before the fight began, so you can't even say that Edgar did more damage.

    I can see the argument for a very close fight, or possibly a draw, but that's it. Penn, while he wasn't his usual aggressive self (and I'd bet it had something to do with the knee he had wrapped up), was still the superior fighter.

    Good for Frankie though, let's hope he's up for it when he has to take on Florian, Maynard, and when BJ comes back for his belt.

  14. CobraClutch says:

    If either of them "clearly" won the fight then there wouldn't be a debate about it…because…it'd be "clear," right?

    Silva CLEARLY won his fight. Even though the methods used to win are debatable.

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