Fighting Words With Anderson Silva Full Video

Anderson Silva, the most decorated champion in UFC history sits down with Mike Straka in HDNet. Silva discusses what it has taken to become undefeated in nearly 5 years in the Octagon. Silva also gives his thoughts on contending for the light heavyweight title, as well as a rumored showdown with welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.


  1. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Is it just me or does he not really answer the questions? He says so much without really saying anything.

  2. Anderson Silvia "Spider". Is the Man in tec., inteligent, respctful, fighter savy. Wow, I was impressed. Out powering him is ajoke , he uses every ounce against you. Feeling froggy as my son says, FLZ.

    Good luck to Silva in whatever his battles.

  3. GSP & Spider ! I think both would agree to an exibition fight. GSP's tec as well, he'll school ya in a minute, but Spider is a teacher of Don't make a mistake.

    I'd trade one of my rare bottles to see that.

  4. Kung Fu Panda says:

    Nichole- I watched part of this interview on HDNet and i was thinking the same thing. I think that he does not answer the questions because he wants to be real careful about what he says and does not want his answers to be used against him. He was at the top, not only in terms of being the champ, but as being viewed as a very respectful fighter and then the unsportman-like showboating as well as some of his war of words have hurt the way he is viewed a bit. I think he wants to clear up those issues so that he can again be viewed as an ambasador for the sport.

  5. like he says he doesn't answer stupid questions. when the reporter asks "do you know that you make other fighters look stupid" i wouldn't know how to answer that either. its a stupid question.

  6. Drnasty305 says:

    just watched the interview for the first time and i must say….Being a long time fan of Anderson Silva,I have even more respect for him now than anything…He carries himself and speaks as a gentleman should,but brings the weight of the manbeast to the ring…mucho,moy,or much however you want to put it….RESPECT to the MAXIMUM…

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