Fedor “My Loss Was Caused By My Personal Mistake In The Cage”

Fedor Quote:

“Sambo is great. Jiu-jitsu is nothing special. We went over several jiu-jitsu guys like that before. I lost because of what happened. My loss was caused by my personal mistake in the cage… I lost my head. Wanted to finish it all as soon as possible. As far as the rumors about my last fight being set up… I was asked about it many times already. I will never go against my conscience and never betray my country like that. Money doesn’t matter that much to me that I could lie to people. Since I lost to Werdum, it was meant to be. And I’m thankful to God it happened that way.” [Gazeta]

Fedor makes no excuses, explaining that his overzealous desire to finish the fight caused him to lose to Fabricio Werdum.


  1. Granger says:

    You lost the fight because Werdum was a better fighter than you that night.

  2. P4P #1 Fan says:

    He made a mistake and got got caught…no big deal. Other than not agreeing with his "jiu jitsu is nothing special" quote, he has already said this. Not sure why this is news, 4 weeks after the fight.

  3. CobraClutch says:

    Such disrespect to Werdum, I guess that's how Mother Russia rolls.


  4. CobraClutch (the REA says:

    Fuck you, douchebag faker. I haven't posted for two months.

    And FUCK CAGE for letting this type of shit go on.


  5. cobra hater says:

    later loser

  6. Granger says:

    P4P #1 Fan…..exactly….Fedor made a mistake and Werdum was a better fighter than him that night….right?

  7. Businessman says:

    CobraClutch- don't let these idiots get to you. I don't blame you if you permanetly stop posting and keeping up on the news on this site but these idiots have been at it for a while now. Pretty much everyone's name has been taken. Everyone should chill out. First of all there is no "one" expert and we are all going to disagree. I have not posted much myself but I keep up with the news and read the postings. Keep your head up!

  8. GorillaMasker says:

    Thanks for the pep talk FAG!!!!!

  9. Mikey (the real one) says:

    I'm not disappointed that Fedor lost just hated Dana saying "yeah, she sucked all along I told you so." Dana was trying to sign Fedor for a long time. He might not be at the top of the food chain but to say that he doesn't belong in the UFC is just dumb.

    I can't wait for Fedor vs. Overeem. That is going to be a great fight.

  10. GorillaMasker says:

    I apologize for the name calling. I was having a couple drinks and someone slipped me a roofy and I woke up today with my ass throbing. I really liked it though. I think I this made me realize that I am gay as well. So long…have some boys to call.

  11. CobraClutch (the REA says:

    Good thing I have such a great life and hang out and party with so many good looking girls after a hard day of training and being a badass in MMA myself. It's good to see that I don't take this Cage site too seriously showing people that I really do mean what I say about how cool I try to be… I mean, am!

  12. CobraCrotch says:

    Guess CC will claim he somehow won this "fight" as well.

  13. CobraClutch aka The says:

    Anybody in here love Lady Gaga, George Michaels or Elton John? Just me? Ok.

  14. Not me, I am still into the Village People. I am going to do everything possible to bring disco back!

  15. It amazes me that Cobra is still catching so much shit. Either way, Fedor is Ukrainian, not Russian. Also, isn't that how everyone loses a fight? They make a mistake and the opponent capitalizes on it.

  16. Village people? Really? wow… just wow

  17. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    What is wrong with the Village People? This Friday, CC and me are headed to the Disco Rainbow club in San Fran. We are taking a Man Road Trip. He is going as the biker guy and I am goin as the Construction guy. We have three spots left if anyone wants to come along. I have a feeling that it is going to be raining men next wekend…Chao Boys!

  18. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    / Another poser who is afraid he'll also get verbally destroy by a guy who uses the name Gobblecock.

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