Fedor and Crew Invade AKA


  1. Kung Fu Panda says:

    Was that ZZ Top in his entourage? Only the number one fighter in the world could have an entourage that includes ZZ Top!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow's fights as well as next week's UFC. All the back and forth of the UFC and Strikeforce should take a back seat and we should just enjoy the best three HWTs in the word fighting within 7 days.


    how very apropos… ZZ top and Fedor: both things that were much better ten years ago. jk! Kinda. Much agreed, though, these fights ought to provide quite an opportunity to really shake up the HW scene…if Fedor and Brock lose on successive weekends…?…although I don't know iud I can really se that happening. Carwin has never taken a shot like Lesnar's not dealt with a guy capable of throwing to the mat…gonna be interesting.

  3. Carwin has to be working on his takedown defense 24/7. If he can keep the fight up, I pick Carwin.

  4. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Agree w/ Panda. I hope that this is a good show. I hope that Cung gets KTFO. I cant stand him. I don't necessarily like Scott neither because he never evolved but I can't stand Cung.

  5. Anyone know the artist and song title of that background song?? I kinda dig that. Can't wait for the fights tonight!

  6. Why the dislike for cung? at least he fights smart and doesn't just charge forward and throw swings recklessly. (smith's career is going to be short and he'll be punch drunk retarded by 40 if he keeps it up)

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