ESPN Video: St. Pierre Looks Back On His Two Fights With Hughes

Former Welterweight Champions Matt Hughes and Georges St.Pierre go head to head for a chance at a title shot against current Welterweight Champion Matt Serra. St.Pierre takes a look back at his mental state of his previous two fights with Matt Hughes.


  1. I believe him when he says he's well prepared for this fight. The guy is talented as hell and do think he will do away with Hughes in an impressive fashion.

  2. i agree. pierre is not even in his prime yet, and he has already shown that he is one of the best lb for lb mma fighters in the world. hughes has no answer for him in the 2nd fight, and i think the result will be the same for the 3rd fight.

  3. piee is ging to be the camp for a long tie if he beat matt..

  4. pierre

  5. One more thing it pisses me off that the refs take points away for hitting the back of the head but when it happens in a title fight they dont stop it! WTF is up with that. St. Pierre got hit in the back of the head and that is wehat stunned him and hurt him before he was hit with a barrage of punches. He could not recover.

  6. I think it was a hook that hit the back of the head and I don't think it was intentional. But you're right, that is what rocked him and taking a hit to the back of the head is the easiest way to get KO'd.

  7. Tom why not corect the whole sentence if u meesed like every word up. What u meant to say was Pierre is going to be champ for a long time if he can beat Matt Hughes.

    Now Pierre is so confident I have to belive he will beat Matt Hughes. Te only thing is last time I saw him like this he got beat in about 2 min. I still think that if Goerges just trains hard for everyone and doesnt overlook anyone then he should be champ for a long time like Tom said. But even after he beats Hughes he still has to fight Serra. I am very confused with Serra. Was it luck or what?

  8. I think it was luck Steve. I think you'll see an entirely different fight next time.

  9. Tom, that was funny. piee is ging to be the camp for a long tie if he beat matt. Ooops, I meant Pierre…

    It must have been a phone text message or something.

    It sounded like the assistant coach from the movie Waterboy.

  10. heres whats gonna go down: GSP will knock out Huges in early second round…then hes gonna beat the shit out of serra. thats how its gonna happen

  11. I'll second that.

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