ESPN Video: BJ Penn UFC Lightweight Champion

UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn talks about finally getting the title, Joe Stevenson, and Sean Sherk.


  1. its all about sherk

  2. you can't honestly tell me you think Sherk is going to beat Penn do you…? Benn is out of his leauge in all catagories and will win the real belt once he stomps out Sherk

  3. sherk is tough but i don't even think he is the best lw out there. he beat florian in a weak fight if not for all the blood florian may have submitted him than fought franca in another weak fight.he is good but i think theres other lw's out there that will beat him other than b.j. and i still think joe daddy is bettter than sherk and look what b.j. did to him.

  4. It will be tough for BJ but he'll choke Sherk out. Sherk hasn't fought anyone close to the skill that BJ poseses.

  5. dane drebin says:

    i think bj will win but i wouldnt say he's never faught anyone close to bj's level he has taken matt hughes to a decision and has faught gsp. i think bj has the skills to beat him if he uses his great striking we have seen in all his fights he should do real well on the ground too i think he will beat sherk but give sherk some credit the guys 32 and 2

  6. Patrick89 says:

    Tough fight no doubt. I think BJ will push the pace and pepper Sherk with punches making him frustrated so he will shoot in with telegraphed takedowns making it easy for BJ to avoid being taken down even though he already has great takedown defence. Yes, that was an incredible run-on sentence.

  7. Sherk is tough but i think his aggressiveness will get him choked out

  8. I can see Sherk shooting and taking BJ down, then getting caught in a triangle and eating some elbows from the bottom. I hope BJ wins because he is not afraid of challenges and he might want to take on St. Pierre at some point. Now that would be a great fight.

  9. don't get me wrong i don't think sherk sucks he took hughes to a decision but look what b.j. did to hughes and he fought gsp but b.j did alot better in his fight with gsp than sherk did.i just think theres better lw that are more well rounded than sherk.if he can out wrestle you he wins witch is most people but anyone who can handle his wrestling will beat him like b.j. or joe and a few others.even with all that said if b.j. does not come prepared he will lose but i am sure he is not going to let that happen.

  10. PoppyNick says:

    I don't feel Sherk stands a chance. I think he is a good fighter but he is not in the same class as BJ. Now that BJ is committed to training I don't see him losing for awhile. I want to see him dominate 155 then go back up to 170 and do the same.

  11. Sherk is a very good, strong wrestler with very good skills in all aspects of MMA, but he is in no way a spectacualr, historical fighter as BJ Penn is…Penn will become the undisputed champion and in my mind will be the 3rd best fighter pound for pound behind Anderson Silva and George Saint Pierre

  12. I just want BJ to win impressively so he can focus on another shot at GSP. GSP is my fighter but with the focus that BJ seems to have now it would be an amazing fight

  13. No it would be the fight of the century…both fighters at their best, it would be to great a fight to even comprehend lol. Would love to see that,just not when both of them are champion because that would confuse the belt system way to much

  14. maybe the comment about a tournament like Pride, isn't such a bad idea

  15. a tournament to determine what…?

  16. I would love to see a rematch between GSP & Penn in the future. I really think with his focus he could beat GSP as well.

  17. the tournament could be for best of the UFC

  18. But i guess with the commission in place now with the UFC that would not be possible.

  19. what do you mean best of the UFC? We know the best in the UFC by whoever has the belt…

  20. I would just like to see other guys fight each other regardless of weight class (anderson vs GSP)


  21. Yes patrick, that was a run on sentance good catch. I bet you have no friends.

  22. no that wouldn't help MMA…if the UFC did that then people would be going into fights with huge advantages…for instance ur fight with GSP and Silva…how is GSP supposed to win with a huge disadvantage in size, strength, and reach…(and they would have to fight at an agreed upon weight which woul in turn create new weightclasses which is one of the main reasons boxing is fucked up)

  23. Brandon you know your shit bro I truly hope this never goes the way of boxing

  24. sounds like hector has a crush on brandon. Go blow each other

  25. you guys say sherk hasn't fought any one with good bbj skills but in im not mistaken franca is a black belt.I think you guys might just be dumb and/or blind but penn isnt anything else but a great BJJ player.sherk has better hands and conditioning.he may not be better at BJJ but he most deff is an all around fighter unlike bj,and sherk is goin to take this one personal

  26. hmmer12 how old are you? Moron

    Sherk is a bad ass but remember what a focused BJ did to Matt

  27. dane drebin says:

    ian how can u even try to say sherk has better hands than bj that is fucking laughable… bj has out boxed hughes and gsp both have beaten sherk. not to mention he out boxed caul uno and pulver both good on the feet. who has sherk ever out boxed man hes a wreslter though and through. bj would love it if sherk stood with him it would eb an easy win if he did that.

  28. Patrick89 says:

    I think Sherk is good, but I don't see how you can say he is a better all around fighter than BJ. He wouldn't even stand with Franca, he rushed forward ate some knees for breakfast and then turned into a blanket for 5 rounds. BJ has great hands paired with his blackbelt in bjj. Do you know what the hell your talkin about?

  29. Patrick89 says:

    hammer12, get a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or a magazine or something, and find something better to do with your time cheif.

  30. fuck that Sherk has a GREAT CHIN he eat alot of France knee and he still fight on with easy and sherk has better hands then bj.. sherk out striked Nick Daiz and i know BJ couldnt do that..

  31. dane drebin says:

    i actually think bj could do that… nick diaz hits like a bitch he is precise but he does hardly any damage. bj hits harder than diaz for sure. haha i guess we will see when ur roid head ex champion gets knocked the fuck out

  32. Patrick89 says:

    That would be great to see BJ get the KO, he hasn't had one in a while but I think he is much more capable of in the 155 division. I agree with dane, BJ has the hands to compete with Diaz on the feet and won't have a problem with Sherks striking whatsoever.

  33. anyone that thinks sherks hands are better than b.j's is crazy its not even close he stood with machida gsp and others he almost knocked out joe with the first punch his hands are as good as his bjj skills.

  34. haha dane your dumb as fuck…why would you ever bring up uno on any mma website?hes a bum and bj knocked him out cause uno is retarded.ive never seen any one run at there oppenent and do an ugly ass jumping kick amd get away with it.

  35. Patrick89 says:

    Hey retard, please enlighten us on how you "sodiumize" someone? You mean "sodomize"? You strike as a guy that would confuse sex with something off the table of elements, fuckin jackass. At least get your words right before you talk shit you fuckin idiot.

  36. hah patrick your quick to come to bjs defense must mean your his #1 said if your a fan of bj go kill yourself.and dont pull that misspelled shit its the internet jackass you know what i ment.

  37. Patrick89 says:

    All I'm trying to say is that it must be tough being one of the only 5 Sherk fans in the world, that's all. They actually took down half of the other shit I said about you, or was that your doing? Anyway, not a bid deal. I respect the fact that you have an opinion, even though it's fuckin retarded and doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but that's just me and the other millions of BJ fans around the world.

  38. dane drebin says:

    ya i would have to agree with patrick and im not retarded for mentioning uno… he was last on a long list of people bj have beaten in the stand up… i think its pretty retarded to even compar shekrs standup ability to bjs but it will be funny when u see sherks head get knocked off

  39. i think i will still stick with the fact that you guys are fags

    get the gerbils out if your ass


  40. Patrick89 says:

    Says the guy who knows he's full of shit.

  41. i maybe full of shit

    but it better than a bunch of dead gerbils

    dude your worthless

  42. Patrick89 says:

    At least you admit it.

  43. Patrick89 says:

    What the hell is up with the gerbals anyway? Are they a fetish of yours or do you work in a petshop?

  44. ahh dude your so kindergarten with your come backs and shit that i dont even want to diss you anymore

  45. kids, enough. i just had to scroll down half a page of comments that had nothing to do with bj penn.

  46. Patrick89 says:

    Better, now maybe i can go back to talking MMA instead of all this friendly discussion.

  47. Patrick89 says:

    Yeah, I let myself get caught up in some ridiculous shit. I just don't like it when people get disrespectful with there comments.

  48. PoppyNick says:

    Ian no disrespect but how long have you been watching MMA???? Sherk has better stand up then BJ….that is some funny shit right there.

  49. nick i train mma

  50. you notice how people bring up all this gay shit and than try to accuse you of being gay,ian make some valid mma points not just call people names and think you dissed anyone(other than yourself).

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