EliteXC Video: Antonio Silva vs. Jonathan Wiezorek


  1. wiezorek is a joke. He looked about as bad as Cantrell. I had saw him fight the big black guy who failed a drug test after the fight (big perm I think?) But wiezorek didnt look good there but managed to win. So I knew he coudlnt fight but this was just pathetic. They may as well of put in a lightweight to fight Silva. Atleast it would have been entertaining.

  2. Wiezorek vs. Butterbean would have been a better matchup.

  3. Butterbean by K.O., as long as he didn't gas out chasing Wiezorek!

  4. Although Wiezorek didn't fight well here, he is still a tough SOB. I actually went to highschool with him and we played football and wrestled together (he was my training partner). He was always a little overweight but his strength is amazing and his toughness is second to none.

    I have no doubt that most of these guys in MMA are just nuts tough… and knowing what I know about Wiezie, it just makes me respect this sport even more!

    I'd love to see one of you guys jump into the ring with Wiezorek… you would get your rear handed to you!

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