EliteXC ‘Return of the King’ Results Live

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  1. in less that 2 hours they put on 5 good ass fights. i was really impressed with this show. all finishes and all pretty good.

  2. i especially liked when kj noons dad put nick diaz in a tai clinch. yeah, i promise that happened.

  3. Yeah I thought it wasfunny how diaz goes in the ring talking hard and runs like a lil bitch when K.J charged at him. Nate was such a coward he ran out of the fucking cage. I hate the pussy brothers. They are both overrated. The last fights nick have been in were not even against top opponents like mike aina and corbbrey. Besides getting fcuked up by K.J who looked very god tonite. Diaz is gonna get KO'd by K.J and I cant wait.Overall the fights were god and the event was a hell of a lot better then UFC 85. A couple things about the show that I noticed that were good. They didnt threaten and warn about back of the head and let them fight, I hate the UFC refs. The UFC is becoming pussified. I hope one day that Japan will get a new Pride organization with a different name like Dream but only better. I am rooting for Affliction which is putting on maybe the best card ever put together in all of mma. The undercard fights are better then a lot of UFC live PPV card fights. Go vitor.

  4. hey idiot they use the same refs. elitexc still sux compared to ufc and that shit looks more like wrestling everytime i see it.

  5. who won bubba mcdaniels or kala hose?

  6. 123kick says:

    Diaz is a punk just like his brother. He showed tonight that he does not belong. Noons will TKO him again.

  7. Scooby Doo says:

    Mann don't turn this into WWF oOhh WWe crap! Just come out and say u want a RE-match.

  8. Scooby Doo says:

    I just lost alot of RESPECT for the Diaz brothers ,doing this stupid ass shit!

  9. what the fu%k were u u stupid f^cks watching that's what mma is about its awsome to see that shit ,my respect to noons but the Diaz bros are more impresive.got to love it not hate on it ,"screw u guys I'm going home."

  10. You know what else is awesome? Learning to fucking spell.

  11. I can't believe they let Diaz in the ring at the end. Noons got a good victory and couldn't even celebrate before the Diaz bros. get in there. Scooby is right it did look like WWE in there. I thought the refs did a good job. Goldberg says some of the dumbest things sometimes.

  12. Scooby Doo says:

    renots that is'nt what mma is about.That's what pro wrestling is about .

  13. You see it everywere u fuck ,I guess who I was aiming at responded,and that was" awesome".

  14. NJ walk ed Yves??/ i didnt see it but dan 49 sec wow thats fast

  15. mushone looks pretty good

  16. Anyone see how good Peewee Herman looked in his fight. He's undefeated and looks like a serious Heavyweight contender. Feijao picked his opponent apart pretty fast too.

  17. Yves Edwards vs Muhsin Corbbrey i would like to see that

  18. dane drebin says:

    peewee did look good but his striking didnt look that great in the beggining. i like him tho he its cool that he doesnt care what his fighter name is and he doesnt seem to have a big ego i admire that

  19. Scooby Doo says:

    It's Blueberry muffin now,not peewee.

  20. The refs are picked by and overseen by the athletic commissions. And yes, we are seeing some of the same refs in different promotions. And beyond that, all the MMA fights that occur in the US are under the unified rules.

  21. I never said that they werent the same refs DUDE. I said that the refs were letting hits to the back of the head go and not taking a point after one hit that should be legal anyways. But if u think ur right saying those were the same refs well the one ref was from Hawaii and has never reffed a UFC event so know what ur talking about before u talk bitch.

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