EliteXC On CBS: Lawler vs. Smith 2 Promo Trailer

EliteXC “Unfinished Business” July 26 from the Stockton Arena in Stockton, CA.


  1. I missed the first one and that pissed me off, but I definately want to catch this fight.

  2. this whole card is looking better than the first one

  3. llooks good

  4. yeah looks more like a reaL mma card

  5. I think its a better card too. I wonder if the ratings will still be as good for this at the Kimbo event was.

  6. so 3 belts in this CBS card

  7. dane drebin says:

    lawler better stop playin around and put scott to sleep. im sorry but he's no champion is hands of steel beats him. scott couldnt cut it in the ufc and im hoping lawler puts him away early.

  8. a other good point Dane but scot did ok in the ufc and but you do got a good pont and i think Lawer will put him to sleep but he need to go for the knock out more then he did last time

  9. dane drebin says:

    i think lawler would do a lot better if he stopped training with just hughes an went to a better camp.

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