EliteXC News: Mike Bourke Forced Off Fight With Kimbo Slice

mike bourkekimbo slice

According to ProElite, Mike Bourke was forced off his fight with Kimbo Slice, due to a broken left clavicle (collar bone). Bourke was set to fight Kimbo at EliteXC 3: Renegade in Corpus Christi, TX on November 10.

He had been in training for a total of 10 weeks at the time of his injury and claims he’s lost 45 pounds.

With 10 days left till the fight, EliteXC should have no problem finding a replacement for Mike “The Rhino” Bourke (8-11-1).


  1. well, i think it's time to call back tank abbott, who is notoriously known to take fights with less than a week notice. and btw, tank was originally slated to fight kimbo, but then replaced with mike bourke. what was the reasoning behind this? i would love to see brock lesnar vs. kimbo slice. both are inexperienced in terms of professional mma.

  2. I saw this guy at the last Stikeforce Showtime event and he looked short and stoky…he wouldn't last one round with Kimbo.

  3. Bourke didn't break his clavicle. He just got scared watching Kimbo's YouTube videos. I don't blame him.

  4. Mike will take Kimbo to the ground and punish him

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