EliteXC News: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott Set For Feb. 16

tank vs kimbo offical

ProElite.com is reporting that the long anticipated fight between Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson and UFC Veteran David “Tank” Abbott is set to headline the next EliteXC event on February 16 in Miami, Florida. At this time the venue has not been officially announced.

Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott were originally scheduled to fight at CFFC 6, but when a broadcast deal fell trough, the event was cancelled. EliteXC then swooped in and signed Kimbo to a contract, making him an instant superstar for the promotion.

The event will air at 10pm EST Live on Showtime.


  1. uve got to be shitting me…Tank is way to old. he hasnt beaten anyone respectable since the 90's. hes fat, old, out of shape and is ognna get knocked the fuck out. But any one who sees this post tell me your opiniion, did u think kimbos first fight with elite exc was staged cause that stoppage was pretty damn quick. my opinion…fight was rigged to help hype kimbo, elite exc certainly needs the press coverage…

  2. i don't know about this one,kind of interested in seeing it but i dout it will live up to anything.the only good thing is either one has a punchers chance although i think kimbo will win do to age and shape i don't know if he is much better than tank are just in better shape.at least there should be a knock out in this one i hope kimbo does not try to take it to the ground.

  3. yeah but what do u think about kimbos last fight, i think it was rigged

  4. either way they just through him some bum to beat weather they paid him to take a dive or he just did it on his own, i dout tank will take a dive he will at least try to knock him out and won't be afraid to throw at least 3 punches before he is winded

  5. oh no for sure tank is gonna come out swinging. i give 5 punches max before hes gased haha

  6. hahaha i also think kimbos fight was rigged and im hoping tank comes in shape and knocks kimbo out, but idk if thats going to happend. i hope it at lest goes 2 rounds.

  7. i hope they both just come out swinging and who ever falls falls, i don't see it getting out of the 2nd min let alone into the 2nd round but who knows what kimbos game plan will be,i'm sure he is more interested in a win than putting on a show for us,if he does take tank to the ground it could be a mistake not that tank is good on the ground but he does have more experince than kimbo.

  8. Kimbo's last fight was rigged, but not by Kimbo. That guy took the fight on short notice to get the payday. He didn't want any part of Kimbo and decided to take a dive and take the money. This will be another spectacle fight that doesn't last too long. I made money on Kimbo last time and I'm putting more down for this fight.

  9. Tank should try to grow out a beard like Kimbo to soften some of the blows…

  10. dredlokrasta says:

    Shouldn't we be glad that we get to see 2 street brawlers brawling?

  11. Hey Brandon, I'm with Morey. I think Cantrell took a dive on his own for a quick payday. I have posted on Kimbo several times. Basically, I believe they have to give him fights like this. He doesn't yet have the skill set to compete with top heavyweights, but they market him like he's someone to worry about. Kimbo sells tickets, he's very marketable. If they let him get beat by a good fighter he wont continue to sell as many tickets. Nobody wants to make less money, especially Kimbo. I think Kimbo will win this fight, but it still wont prove anything. I'd like to see Tank knock him out, but I doubt it.

  12. Thats exactly right Joe, Kimbo is such a big name people expect him to fight the best. But the truth is that he is a good fighter that is new to MMA. These fights against tough guys are what he should be taking to get some experience. It takes a while to learn the ground game and even longer to train your body to react without having to think. All that aside, Cantrell disrespected himself by falling over like that.

  13. Meatmallet says:

    When I see the name Kimbo I want to hurt myself.

  14. dane drebin says:

    if kimbo is legit at all tank should be an easy matchup for him… i thought tank died 10 years ago… but then i realized it was just his career. owell atleast tank will get soem money. lets see kimbo vs bigfoot hahah

  15. this fight will not go to the 2nd round like many of u have said tankk will prolly gas with in the first 10 punches he swings.This is gonna be a walk in the park for kimbo.Tank has never made it out of the first round!!! EVER!!!

  16. Tank has read all of the shit about him being out of his prime and not in shape. Watch, he might now win but we will see the best Tank Abbot we've seen in a while. This will be his last headliner and he will go out with a bang. Kimbo better not take him lightly.

  17. let me tell you guys something TANK is no spring chicken in the fighting world i think that it will be a dog fight but TANK will get tired but am hoping that he will knock kimbo the fuck out

  18. kimbo will finish tank off really qiockly.

  19. Joe ur exactly right. The only thing i like about this fight is that if Kimbo loses i thin k it wll expose him as a less than average MMA fighter

  20. i think everyones forgeting how hard the tank hits,go back and look at some of his fights he's a beast when he starts those fists up,if kimbo is unlucky enough to get 3 or 4 of the tanks shots right in the face then kimbo will be somewhere he's never been before. Go kimbo!!

  21. I have watched that fight, Kimbo retreated cause he was gassed. He's gonna be properly trained for this fight and in the best shape of his life. He doesnt even need to bang with Tank he could just let the fight go and wait until Tank tires himself out which will happen much faster due to his age and the fact that he hasnt fought/trained in a while.

  22. did i ever say he was the next champion…NO. I dont think you or me can say what his skill level is until he has an actual fight, not against some scrub and some old guy who has lost a lot of his power undoubedtly. If kimbo loses it exposes him as less than average MMA fighter, if he wins it doesnt mean anything because Tank is not a good oppenent for him. And i dont agree he retreated because of fear, he was tired. Give Kimbo a good oppenent, not some washed up, old, fat fighter

  23. Couture and Foreman are special cases, every one always says those two when it comes to age. Everybdoy isnt like them, those twso are extremly rare cases. I guarentee Tank isnt like that and it will be proved when they fight…Who do you wanna see Kimbo fight?

  24. Kimbo trains hard, and yeah experience is a ahuge issue but it would be an even bigger issue if he was fighting someone worth while. Kimbo should just try and wear tank out which is possible because Tank, regaurdless of what you hope, just physically wont be able to keep up the pace and wont have as much power. And stop with this white and black shit…how do u know im not black…??

  25. yo ur just a racist piece of shit who doesnt know anything about MMA…man i wish i knew where u lived cause bro ud be in a world of hurt…fucking asshole, keep idiotic commernts about fighting not race since ur probably a southern hick whos to busy to think things through cause ur fucking ur sister. Enjoy hell fuck face

  26. bro im talking shit about u cause ur talking it about me u fucking dumbass. dont comment anymore or i will find a way to track u down and fucking end u

  27. and i never said i was black i said what if i was…? so ur just shot out racist comments right from the start…ur a real good human being buddy

  28. dredlokrasta says:

    A question Nathan, How do you have a blue eyed blonde haired baby? The only way is inbreeding! If you work in America for a living, you are a negroid! No matter what color you are! If you get knocked out, then its nighty night time no matter what color you are! Bred? No, STOLE!! And only with technology at that(guns)! But that has nothing to do with this fight! it is not a black or white thing, but a paycheck thing! It is people like you that are continuing the downfall of the greatest nation on earth. Its guys like you that make us(America) as a whole weak! When the Brazilians come to fight, are they not together as one. Is it not in the whole world, nations share a common bond of brotherhood when people like you seperate yourself from others born in the same hospital with something as minute as color? Good team player. The last time I checked, if you are black brown yellow white or red born on this native soil, you are an american. Kimpo speaks english as you do, so why seperate yourself from him because he is black? If he was a white man with such physique, would he not be getting the same hype? I believe he would. It is 2008 now, and only the strong will survive. I cant wait to see who will be the strongest on that night physically, because mentally, we have a loser in you Nathan.

  29. dredlokrasta says:

    Kentucky??? Birthplace of the great Joe Louis!! Something good came from there!

  30. Not every single black person is a gangbanger, im white not black and i find everything ur saying unbelievably offensive. Stats dont mean shit. Latin Kings commit multiple homicides a day, latin america exports tons of drugs that kill more people than black criminals by about 10 times but i dont hate all Latin people…i hate u thats for sure but not ur race. and u shouldnt hate all black people for literally no reason. And do u use words like arse and negroid…like do u think ur cool cause ur not. ur a fucking loser bro..

  31. and u might as well stop commenting cause im done responding



  34. please guys, intelligent non-racist discussion only!

  35. yo i sent emails to the website for them to to remove that asshole








  43. EDGAR PDAWG says:


  44. Assassin messiah says:

    Wow! alot of talk here. I think we may have forgotten when true brawlers meet it only takes one (ONE) punch. Abbott was at real pit fighter, sure it was a while ago, but how many real pit fighter do any of you know. Let me tell you from experience, they never truely lose it, the drive and the eye. Now I'm not talking smack. Kimbo is one Bad#$$. My money is on him, but all it takes is one shot. Which sux either way. If Kimbo does lose, how will he look? And if Tank gets a lucky punch in whats he gonna do come out of retirement so we have to endure a rematch? sick! truley sick! And of course this is a huge gimmick for Showtime, they need it.

  45. i hope tank knocks loud mouth kimbo out who the fuck as kimbo actually fort a few little idiots he aint touched no1 as gd as tank and experienced as tank i think tank abbot shuld knock kimbo out COME ON TANKKKKK

  46. I really hope Tanks walks throw Kimbo but i dont think he will and i do think it will be a good fight..if kimbo signs with the ufc you know he would get his as kicked

  47. Marty (IL) says:

    Kimbo MAY be a pretty tough guy. But the real fact of this fight is that Tank is way past his prime, way out of shape, and his fighting technique is extremely out of date. This one will be over quick, and Tank is going to be hurting Sunday morning. Kimbo needs to fight some real talent and let's see how tough this guy really is compared to some of the great athletes in the UFC right now.

  48. Assassin messiah says:

    I just hpoe when Kimbo steps over Tank its not to fight some loser like Broch Lesnerd!

  49. dane drebin says:

    easy Ty i think u are giving kimbo way too much credit… he's not even top 20 in the world

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