EliteXC Lays Out The Welcome Mat For Tito Ortiz

Gary Shaw spoke about EliteXC’s interest with Tito Ortiz at a press conference on Thursday to promote EliteXC “Primetime” on CBS.

“In all my years in the fight game, I can see, touch, feel a superstar….Everytime I see Tito Ortiz, he reeks of stardom. I think when his days in the UFC are over, that I can reincarnate him. Could you imagine Tito and Kimbo Slice in the cage together? I hope when his contract with the UFC is up that he will not be sitting across the table with me, but sitting with me at that table.”

“My door is open. I hope that he’s able to negotiate one day because I would never interfere with a contract. I hope he’s sitting right next to me, not across from my desk, but right with me.”


  1. I'd love to see Tito and Kimbo in the cage together. Especially after the smack Ortiz was talking. I doubt Tito steps up to heavyweight, tho, and there's no way Kimbo gets down to LHW.

  2. Rob Enderle says:

    Tito is a big puss but he has earned his stripes.

    Once Kimbo has beaten his third can in a row maybe hell work his way up.

    Until them, its all talk.

    Like a man said: "THere is a difference fighting a legitimate MMA figher and clown in the back of Taco Bell".

  3. Tito is not what he once was. But no way is Kimbo ready for a fighter like him.

  4. shaw is such an ass kisser. but i guess thats a mark of a good sports agent and manager.

  5. Patrick says:

    Even though Tito is past his day in fighting (he got too lazy, too fast), he'd beat the ever living hell out of Kimbo… If that fight ever happened it would look something like this:

    Kimbo comes out swinging wide crazy hooks

    Tito goes under and shoots, double legging Kimbo

    Tito immediately mounts and pounds Kimbos face

    Kimbo completely freaks out on his back and doesn't know what to do

    Tito wins by GnP tko.

    Really that's what would happen if Kimbo fought… well, pretty much anyone in a non-fixed non-tomato can fight.

  6. lol, very well put

  7. dane drebin says:

    patrick you could have summed that up by just saying it would look like a darker skinned versoin of ken shamrock vs ortiz 2 haha

  8. Patrick says:

    I could of, but Ken at least attempts to pull guard. I don't think Kimbo even knows what guard is.

  9. dane drebin says:

    hahaha we will see i suppose eventually once he fights a good wrestler. we cant judge his ground game until we see it right.he's training with rutten so im sure he knows what guard is but i think tito would blugeon him into oblivion

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