Edith No Longer A UFC Octagon Girl?


Is Edith Larente no longer with the UFC? Fightlinker points out that she is no longer listed under the Octagon girl section of the official UFC website.

Don’t worry, Natasha Wicks the new blond Octagon girl is expected to make here debut at UFC 101.


  1. the test came up positive…..


  2. Herman vs Gouvia…

    I so knew this was going to happen..I dont see ed winning this fight..

    I wonder if head is still fighting Aaron Simpson on the UFN??

  3. tom the thread bomber strikes again.

    Not surprised Edith is gone, they had her at the weigh ins for UFC 100 and then pushed her aside for the show so that playboy airhead could sit in her chair.


  5. I'm kinda going to miss her. She wore the smallest outfit of any ring girl.

  6. MIKO!!! WTF??? playboy airhead?? That is just mean man. It was her DREAM to be an octogan girl, and that is so cool because several of my dreams include Holly.

    If she got pissed about being bumped the tough sht. They get paid to sit there and walk around with cardboard signs, christ I would do that for free just to watch the fights and I am some fat old guy!!

  7. its all good, she was the ugly one anyway. chics with long faces like that freak me out

  8. I wasn't looking at her face….

  9. good i never thought she was hot anyway. just big fake tits

    they can do way better than her

    Arianni is still the best by far

  10. I don't know maybe the sluttier the better for me but I thought Edith was the hottest. If I had to pick one it would be Edith. Dead serious.

  11. Yeah, really, does anyone really care? Arianni and Rachelle are still there. Good call on the long face THEDUDE, she looked like there was a horse in her family tree.

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